President Trump urged that Mexico wouldn’t pay for a border wall throughout a January cellphone name with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, in keeping with transcripts obtained by The Washhington Post. CNN’s Jim Acosta studies.



  1. FAKE NEWS by CNN trying to get anything on him, even though he's doing everything right for the "American" citizens

  2. This is a lie. Peña nieto agreed on the wall, he will supply the solar panels and i will supply the workers. Thousands of my supporters will work day and night for free because they love me , and will be whiped by steve bannon riding on a horse if any of my supporters start to lag on the job.

  3. There's no way Trump will get out of life alive. He played an idiotic high stakes game with American and Russian Agencies and countries and has gone down a failure. Trump is a tool we can tear him in two.

  4. I should start a kickstarter fund to say I'm collecting money to build the wall, and then I'd easily make millions conning those gullible Trump supporters.

  5. When will this stupid-white-man be removed ? His presidency and administration is noting but pure TRASH!!!!!!!
    The initial of POTUS now stands for Piece-Of-Total-Useless-Shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cartels and the sale of Heroin and Meth run Mexico.
    Law Abiding Mexicans and Mexican Farmers have no protection under the Mexican Constitution. Mexicans are as good as dead.

    American money sent back to Mexico goes directly into Carlos Slim's Telecommunication monopoly. Carlos Slim should be shot. Carlos Slim does not invest in Mexico.

  7. cnn fake news giving ppl the run around again. i'm looking for real news cant find it these days i guess i have to wait to get the real story.

  8. Can't bully Mexico, can't bully Other Country's, can't bully American people. Consequences of bullying people has a bad karma back fire..Trump for prison

  9. But seriously, did anyone actually believe in his big beautiful transparent solar-powered magic wall that Mexico would pay for? I have to question someone's sanity if they actually did. That's why I don't think his supporters will give a shit.

  10. Fox news shows Trumps speech, but does CNN or MSNBC? Hell no, what they are showing during the speech is Russia collusion and hate towards Trump. These 2 MSM stations are garbage and #therealdeplorables. You will eat yourselves alive with your own brand of lying hatred. Hundreds of millions of people in this country are sick of you, and the anger is building for this crap. With you folks in the fake news media, how he has gotten anything accomplished is a miracle as all you do is dwell on crap to bring him down. Poor losers and paid for elitist leftists who would destroy this nation and the freedoms we enjoy due to your own insanity.

  11. Holy shit, we put bill Clinton through our impeachment for lying about a blow job. How much more can we allow from this Orange colored clown?


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