Camila Cabello is live on Youtube to celebrate the release of her debut album, “CAMILA”!

Listen now at: https://smarturl.it/Camila_DSPs



  1. I have a feeling nbts is about shawn mendes idk idk but i feel like its about shawn never mind i feel like into it is about shawn yeah im a shawmila shipper???

  2. I LOVE this so brilliant! Super proud of you Camila! I made a reaction video which I uploaded last night I would LOVE you to see it ❤️

  3. She is just a sweetheart and a likeable person and it's just so cute when she rambles on about something she's so passionate about ?❤?

  4. If I get a dollar for everytime Camila says, “You know what I mean?” and “You know?” I would probably have more than a $100

  5. Ok I was live watching this stream and I don't know why but those questions were mainly so useless. I mean, Some of them were pretty good but I missed so many questions? Like: who are those songs about? How did she feel? I missed the stories behind the songs and not the making of them. I don't know maybe I'm exaggerating but it all seemed so superficial to me. The one thing I personally found to be interesting was how she said to let things go and how she thinks control is however really important. I wanted it to be on this "Level of deepness". I probably had to high expectations? but I don't know it just disappointed me.
    Whatever, I still enjoyed it and I'm really happy and excited for camila and her album. It's really good

  6. The best number 1 album ever for me I love ❤️ I love ❤️ Havana ft young thug and all your songs really really good it's amazing

  7. Fuck I thought she loves control was for Lauren but it was her as a 3rd person fuck fuck fuck(no hate)
    I still love my baby camila and her songs good job?

  8. every time i heard to my friends or random human being says "you know" or "you know what i mean" the first person comes in my mind is Camila Cabello.??God Help me??


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