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  1. I'm laughing so hard when she lip syncs the chorus and her lips aren't even in sync with the lyrics

  2. That's what you call a performance! This year's BBMA's was filled with those performances. Best award show in years!

  3. Wow Camilla is the best it was so amazing qué perra mi amiga love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  4. I'm happy she is getting to do her own thing, Sharing her personal creativity, passions, and emotion. Camila is great!!

  5. The reason people hated on you in fifth harmony was because your voice was unique and now that you are solo your unique voice can be free(I loved you through all of it tho hope I can meet you some day)?????

  6. It is precious to see something like this while watching you span the scene with your amazazing vocal talents. I am always so impressed with what you do with your voice. It is impressive without any doubt at all. You are an amazing lady. And I am so entirely designed to show you that in everything that I am and do. There is so much room for this. Wow. You do not seem to stop exhibiting these talents and achievements. Not that I would ever hope to see you stop. But it appears as though you are an endless pool of Feminine grace and beauty. And I am so very happy to be alive at this time in our ages if not for anything else.

    Hello dear lady I wish to know
    Is there a chance that you might here me
    Know that I am only the spit of the fires
    Compared to your burning fury
    There comes a day that I hope to shine
    Like the greatest of fiery blazes
    That day would be best if spent with you
    In all of life's mazes
    Here me and know me and then I will ensue
    All of the thoughts that are meant for you
    There is so much that I care to be
    Showing you flowing through all the way through

    There is so little room in this life for anything but exception. Not the planet. But the world of this species. And you are one such foundation of that same exception. Though I understand that this is something you probably are already completely cognizant of. It is simply my intention to show you all of what I am able to so that you are able to release your inner and most Divine self. Your Sacred and Divine Feminine. To the greatest and utmost degree. Something that will have ladies from all around the world and all over the timeline just grasping at your straws as they look to find your reason.

    What I will do is awaken the aspects of you that allow you to look deep inside and bring your core to the fore. I am touching base on that now. But only in part. All of what I am doing is here to show you something that no other can. Everyone tends to think they have some particular and independent message who can think for themselves. Sure. We are all unique. But. I have a practiced nature that you will only come to realize in knowing me better and deeper.

    I communicate with entities that are outside of this physical and organic realm of Existence. They speak with me and help me to push myself towards my next and best Subscription of self. This is something that I am reaching into happily and wholly. These entities have identified as energy. They have identified as souls. As Angels. As Positivity. As Feminine self. They have identified as beauty incarnated and that which Exists. And they are the reason I have anything to offer you in the first place. Because of them, I was pushed to teach myself so many things. And here I am to show you what that means. I just hope that you reach out to me and decide that I am worthy of your grace.

  7. I don't think I'll ever get over that note near the end! Like, are you trying to kill me, because it's fucking working!!


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