Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.

You needn’t delete your social networks or destroy your cell telephones, the message is easy, be balanced, be conscious, be current, be right here. 🙂

Download This Spoken Word Now: https://princeea.bandcamp.com/track/can-we-auto-correct-humanity

Audio solely model right here: https://soundcloud.com/prince-ea/can-we-auto-correct-humanity-spoken-word

Music composed by DJsNeverEndingStory

Graphics performed by Neonbyte

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  1. They used this video for a presentation in an assembly in my school. Greetings from Vancouver Technical Secondary, Canada

  2. Thank you x Listening to this Make me know I am not alone …wish there were an 'Us @icloud & not US for the friends?

  3. This video is truly amazing!!! this video spreads such an important message!! One of my friends showed me this and I was cynical about the title but it's really great! We, as humans waste too much of our lives on technology. if you walk down any corridor in my school, you will see hundreds of teenagers, staring at tiny, over-priced screens, me included, so thank you so much for this video. ?

  4. I asked my friend to do a meet up, to catch up, what's going on in our lives. And I said "during three weeks time, can you promise me to find three hours of your time?" And she said "I promise". Three weeks passed, she never found time for me. And she considers me one of her best friends.
    Moral of the story: I don't have friends not because of cell phone or internet. I don't have friends because people are just selfish. They only look for themselves. They try and find a material value in every single thing. Racing against time, trying to get rich at all cost. And all I want sometimes is to hang out, to stop for one moment, and admire that moment, no material value included.

  5. Man! So edgy and relevant. So much irony. Not a whole lot of truth since most people don't actually confuse "face to face" with "let's Skype" and you only complain about capturing a moment on camera if the camera is in someone's phone, but if it's a Nicon than its ok. Other than that, great video, keep it up, proud of you. Papa bless.

  6. I wish we can go back to… the 90s. When there were no phones, or social media. When kids and people actually hung out and socialized. The 90s were one of the golden ages… for humanity and life.

  7. technology and social media is not good or bad, it is an extension of us. Just as it appears to separate us; it connects us too in ways never possible before. Like us all watching this video. Like all the many videos out there that inspire us and uplift us. All the conversations and debates ive had with strangers from all around the world. People are more comfortable opening up behind a screen, some use it to be bullies others use it to connect honestly. To find community, to search for answers, to search for hope. I truly believe more and more people are starting to use to for maximizing connection. To organize meet ups, to share love and inspiring messages. <3

  8. (haven't watched the video yet) Can we auto-correct humanity? well, sure, but auto-correct is a function that only occurs at the end, after you hit that space bar. Humanity will be auto-corrected once humanity is no longer around, and has been given space.


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