Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant. Starting right this moment, Google Home supports multiple users. Now the Assistant can distinguish your voice from others, so you will get a extra personalised expertise at dwelling. Learn extra: https://goo.gl/Uo1IFD



  1. That's exactly like my household…no…wait…I'm a white straight male (privileged o' course) with 4 kids, a wonderful stay at home mother (dare I say 'wife) who embraces motherhood attempting to raise unentitled non-snowflake children. Guess I can't relate to this video.

  2. Great. Now I have to train my Google Home to recognize that my phone is me after I'm lazy. (I use MacroDroid on Android to play a command to have Google Home tell me about my day, then play the latest news at a certain time).

  3. I just assume that these two guys are just friends and their wives are just around the corner cleaning the living room or bathroom

  4. Does it allow me as the admin to set restrictions on what the users are allowed to do? Like stopping the kids from controlling the thermostat.

  5. GOOGLE IS BRAINWASHING US!!?!!?!????!?!??

    Did she only call him Papa because she was speaking French? Or is that what she always calls him to differentiate between the other dad? (like: Daddy is person 1 and Papa is person 2?) If not, what does she call person 2?! Papa directly translates to "Dad" so that's not much disambiguation!!?? And such a functional family would definitely have established this!!??? If so, Papa should know that abierto means "see you soon" in French, because the name his kids call him is French!!!!?????

    Edit: /s


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