20 12 months outdated James Alex Fields is being held by police



  1. Poor guy prolly feared for his life trying to escape with his life. Tgat crowd was throating things at him and tried to rip him out of his car.

  2. This is proof that the President brought Bannon into the WH to promote the Alt-Right's racist, bigoted agenda. People are beginning to see the President for just what he is. Sad.

  3. Cowardly reporters at Fake fox news afraid of calling a terrorist attack terrorism would have been a more appropriate title for this video.

  4. White supremacist, right wing, domestic terrorism! Ohio has become the new Mississippi. Impotent White males blaming their loss of the American dream on diversity! Such hateful ignorance! You are no longer part of the middle class because you are undereducated and not qualified for the jobs available in 2017. You tell your kids that college is a waste. You broke the unions. You only have yourselves to blame.

  5. The hate for each other in your country you kill and shoot each other based on your tone of your skin… you keep saying your the greatest country in the world? Not really. Stop telling the world you are greatest. You are no better then a third world country. You have no honour. You starve your own children, you have elderly that need care, homelessness due to the rich getting richer, you now have a racist man in charge who cares nothing for you, other than him self… taking all he can for him and his white friends… yes I have noticed … I am too white.. my family came just like yours to this side of the world… generations of hard work to see the next grater then the next… shame on you! Your children are watching and as a parent I failed on the last generation who now thinks the world owes them… you fight for what!? $ and power and things, yet will not work hard, you rather steel it, kill for it, then sweat for it…. the world is watching, you are Not the grates country in the world… news is not news it's paid for… tell the truth no matter who… pepole use to pay for news. Now cooperations tell us lies.. we as a country are becoming you… as we allow you to come into ours, by tv your news. You try to bring guns heAr!!! As long as you have this mined set stay the he'll out of mine!!! We don't want you! I remember a time of kindness heAr doors open, all I can do is pray is please stop!!!! Stop the killing you have no right to do so ever!!! That's up to your own God! And start by getting this man out of this White House! And change the name to freedom house! As we all need freedom to feel safe to be kind to love to live in a world Ware all people matter… if there is a God? He is sad buy this generation of hate… and how we treat each other. Please stop.

  6. That white boy just had a nigga moment. A perfect oportunity to throw his life away. And he grabbed it with both hands! So now the little white nigga gets to spend 20 years locked up in a place where the majority of the house guests are black niggas! Funny how that happens, eh?
    Unless of course, some white boy judge finds a nice set of white boys only jury, and lets him go with a pat on the back! "I wuz just defending ma self, honest! They wuz attacking ma property!" Sad about the car. It was a really nice ride… Dumbass nazi, why didn´t you use a fucking Pinto?!

  7. Murder in the first degree. He got into the car with no immediate threats or interaction with victims. Hate crime with death penalty.

  8. The Unite the Right had a permit and yet these assholes violated their Constitutional rights and then tell them to go home???? What home would that be? The one that a p.o.s. Governor or Mayor is the plantation holder? If they are not allowed the same rights as others then why should they listen to you? Fuck that Governor!

  9. George Soros is dancing naked around the fire now, having read the imbecilic posts on this page. Now even the Moderates believe themselves to be Nazis. If we get out of this mess in one piece, it will be in spite of the brain power of our youth.

  10. FAKE NEWS!
    I suppose the
    ' White Nationalists' ' White Patriots ' (Such weaponised words , why not just democratic American Patriots? ) Were Responsible for the Incompetent Helicopter pilots who crashed from low-level flight ground surveying (possible low fuel) into a tree ?
    3 dead ?
    No , 1 dead , because of 1 Unintelligent Left-Wing Nut Loose and many injured due to Said Dickheads actions & an incompetent Police Force who failed to comply to Civic standards and failed to control the seemingly rising provocation and illegal counter rally/protest and Violent illegal counter protesters !?

  11. I am not on either side . I am not the one to say which side caused the terrible things that occurred. I can say that there wouldn't have been a problem if the other side would have used their head and stayed home. There are people on both sides that want to cause trouble , it is their only objective. If it were over a statue, how petty can they be. Removing a statue that has stood for a very long time is a stupid thing to do. Once it is removed the same group will look for something else to gripe about and want it removed. It will never end and the other group will fight to keep it as is. Ignorance runs rampant in America today.


  13. The liberal Governor and the leftist government there set the whole thing up by not abiding by a Federal Court Judge rule that the rally should go on. They sent away the "unite the right" people and then let the racist, intolerant leftist run all over the place unrestricted and unsupervised. Obama started and spread widely (because as now, with this latest in Virginia, he had the entire media's help) the divisive concept of HATING WHITES. Whites tolerated it for a while and some fools (mindless drones) feel bad that they are white (aka; "white guilt"). But whites are now fighting back and not wishing to have their culture and history eradicated. This act was despicable and unacceptable. But how about asking the left to leave statues alone from now on and accept our past, warts and all, and move forward. Not backward. That's not good enough for Soros and Obama.

  14. the  "Antifas" crowd caused him to try to escape as they were trying to drag him from his car, they got run over., they should have stayed away

  15. How does Fox news treat the presidents speech omitting the violence coming from white supremacist and alt right movements?

  16. Can't everyone see this is all just a scam to divide everyone? I looked up 'White Nationalist' and saw many definitions. I even looked at that SLPC site and it has White Lives Matter and Christians as hate groups! All lives matter, right?All this division is all a neferious plan…united we stand, divided we fall…wake up, open your eyes, see the scam…


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