Donald Trump has praised China for placing strain on North Korea to curb its nuclear ambitions. But China is strolling a tightrope. CNN’s David McKenzie experiences.



  1. Send Michael Jordan to solve the problem diplomatically first. Kim Jong Fat has always admired him as a role model. Send Micheal Jordan to North Korea to hand out and talk with him, where we will stop warmongering, training to destroy their nation, and Lift all sanctions, and feed their ppl if they only choose to give up their Nuclear program.

  2. So… Are Trump and China friends now? I personally don't care but it looks like you Trump fans out there just got back stabbed.

  3. Trump is a business man and in business you gotta be friends even with people that you not necessarily like but they are of benefit to you…

  4. Dumpty you have no fucking idea what the word "respect or integrity" means. You're an OPPORTUNIST scumbag and even your supporters are starting to realize this fact.

  5. Donald Trump along with his Jesuit masters deserve a public hanging, so we can all witness their demise.

  6. "Chump" is only acting nice toward China because he needs their help. Whatever happened to "Chump" fixing everything himself as he boasted he could do!? Fake, fraud, and liar.

  7. The problem now is that it appears Trump trusts Xi… Once Xi does anything which violates that trust even slightly, the world is in for some trouble. We know how Trump gets when people violate his trust.

  8. Looks like Trump will send his supporters to find jobs in China! He is in love with China now, no need to bring back jobs from there?

  9. I am sorry to say this but I believe China is helping NK. Why would they send them 3 long range cruise missiles earlier this week?

  10. Don't u people see the missiles , especially the submarine version, these r Chinese tech. How childish r u people to believe in yellow commies?

  11. The biggest problem in the world is not Kim Jong Un it's donald trump and his politic of aggression !!!
    First in Syria now in North Korea soon maybe Iran then somewhere else 🙂
    We don't need america to be a policeman of the world anymore !!!

  12. If Mexico had nuclear weapons and threatened to use them against China and acted like north Korea, China would demand the U.S take care of it!!!!
    P.S. Fuck president xi jinping!


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