American musician and DJ Moby claims he’s been doing the behind-the-scenes bidding of anti-Donald Trump figures…
In a recent interview, he said friends and contacts within the CIA had asked him to promote certain ideas online – including the alleged collusion between the President and Russia.
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  1. Why has ruptley TV disabled their ratings and the comments? This is typical cowardice censorship. I would never, ever censor any opposing side to me.

  2. never trusted moby !
    psy operator and early semipopular supporter of weakening modern veganism…amongst others
    not waiting for him to get healthy again and only listen to adequately herrenmensched samples of his work

  3. Wow, more evidence that Russia is bullshit…. Best part about this is that Moby is clueless as to what this implies.. If the CIA needs you to promote propaganda it means it's FAKE.

  4. So the CIA – the President's Intelligence agency – uses Moby 2 damage the President?
    Slightly treasonus – but then not as treasonous as what they did 2 JFK – BANG BABY BYE!
    (Compliments of the CIA's Allen Dulles, James Angleton, David Attlee Phillips & assorted Anti-Castro Cubans, Mob, etc)

  5. Damn. Dude straight up said my government friends asked me to post anti Trump statements cause I'm famous… that's fuckd up

  6. This channel is a joke. Why are you putting this shit channel on my recommendations youtube? Your czar Putin can go kill himself

  7. he isn't lying. the cia has always used popular musicians to further their propaganda.
    moby must be of the not-bought variety, since he was allowed to admit he was asked by the cia.

  8. Fucken shit heads CIA i fight for USA and mentality retarded retards in USA fuck everything up . I will come to USA and arrest you leftist bitches myself or beat the crap out of you . choose your fate you leftist scum because it sounds like you want mortal combat

  9. According to leftwats "the russians" want to make America great again? Doesn't make any sense to me. If they wanted to destroy America it would have been better to help Hilloser Clinton win the election.

  10. no one cares about Moby except a few hipster edm brits and that's only because they still jam to venga boys like its hot. government has destroyed music in the uk


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