We’ve heard a variety of discuss coal miners within the final 12 months, however what are the true points surrounding coal? John Oliver and an enormous squirrel look into it.

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  1. Greedy rich people exploit the lower class for more money than they could ever need and then either shift it onto an easily blamed, vulnerable group or turn them on their enemies. Tale as old as time, regardless of political leanings, and I'm glad for journalism that exposes them for who they are.

  2. Ugh I fucking hate guys like Sean Hannity. Creeps like them are the reason a lot of women are afraid to even make eye contact with male strangers in public, regardless of how safe and pleasant the environment.

  3. I love that the giant squirrel is played by the king of full body puppets himself, Noel MacNeal (aka Bear in the Big Blue House)

  4. If only Trump had been president much, much earlier, we would have 50,000 workers still making buggy whips today!

  5. also need coal to make aluminum for our palnes..boats spaceships ect if war breaks out we need as many forms of energy as possible

  6. To all the Trumptards: We warned you mothfkrs . There still will be illegal immigrants because the economy needs their 'slaves' and Trump is always in favour of the economy (CEO's) instead of the people. There still will be muslims and NO WALL . But hey you lost your job anyway and your healthcare. People are killing each other because of their religions. Tired of winning yet?

  7. short life under ground? John Oliver realizes that coal takes a fuck ton of time to form from peat right?

  8. Hillary offered them free retraining and a sustainable path forward, they took the lazy way out being promised jobs they had in the 80's. No sympathy now that he will sign away their healthcare.

  9. Here is the plain facts.. People were making bank, happily mining and retiring early.. then Obama took office and everyone went broke and mostly EVERYONE started consuming/dealing opioids because with poverty comes drug abuse. The massive opioid problem is directly linked to Obama's terrible policies on coal. Anyone who says thats not true is commenting on something they know nothing about or they are pushing an agenda. Ive lived in WV most of my life, and my family has been there and been coal miners for generations.

  10. Why don't we just start investing in renewable energy jobs instead? It's economically and politically a good strategy. Renewable jobs are growing 12 times as fast as the U.S. economy, and there's almost 5 times as many clean energy jobs as fossil fuel jobs. You can't bring back the dirty polluting past. It's time for politicians to be honest with their voters and move forward with clean energy.

  11. Solar is taking care of the coal jobs? Last I checked, solar accounts for .9% of the country's energy, while coal accounts for 30.4%. That swapping of energy job sources makes me a bit skeptical. I also find it a bit disingenuous to look at the effects of the Obama administration and not take into account their attitude toward the coal industry. No, government energy mandates are not typically effective, but Obama was on the record for his whole presidency with being against the coal industry in favor of environmentally friendly jobs. Regardless of your feelings on coal, it would sure as hell be scary to work a job that the president of your own country wants to disrupt.

  12. Dear Robert E Murray, you are an abortion of a human being. And I hope every injustice is visited upon you and your lineage.

  13. Okay, when this show started being "Trump Last Week Tonight"? Show went from really good one with lots of good topics to Trump bullshit every week.


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