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Work continues on our donated C64, we’ve got to know the machine now lets try to restore it. This time I take a different approach to my usual method with some additions which are surprisingly available off the shelf.

● Series
Part 1 – Meet the C64 with Jan Beta – https://youtu.be/f6vytxOoFeg
Part 2 – A Restoration (almost) – https://youtu.be/15nf2EBBNu0
Part 3 – In Progress

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SIDNIFY – Overprime (Supremacy C64 Remix)
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The Night Falling – JR Tundra
Move That Azz – MK2
Trancer – Gunnar Olsen

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  1. There's also the option to keep using the old PSU for the 9VAC line and use, say a PSP PSU, for the 5VDC line which is the one that kills the C64 when it breaks anyway. All you need is a simple y-cable that is even sold online. Thank you for the superb mini-series, RMC!

  2. Great vid as always! Wish there was a way to pull the original case sticker and transfer it to the new case. Perhaps I'm just to anal about that sort of thing.

  3. There is one spring that is larger then the others, it's supposed to go under the spacebar. In your video it seems to go under the letter P 😉

  4. The case looks very authentic but they should have gone the extra mile and replicate the label. I wonder why it looks like that, maybe some weird post-Commodore licensing problem?

  5. Just wondering if this was meant to have "part 2" in the title?

    I'm guessing by the current title that it could be for a good reason? :p

    Yes, the C64 power bricks do tend to fail a lot.
    I'm sure the potting is trapping the heat in the case too, because the 5 Volt regs are usually pretty hefty, so would normally be overrated for the current draw and dissipation.

    The best "C64 saver" circuits by far are the solid state ones btw (with a MOSFET instead of a relay or simple fuse, which don't react anywhere near fast enough.)

    I believe that the devices from Mr bwack are full solid state, so that's good.

    There are also some C64 savers that let you use a standard wall wart or 12V power brick, but it is a bit of a challenge to generate the isolated 9V AC output from DC.

    Those designs should also include reverse-polarity protection as well though, as it would make it possible to plug in the wrong PSU.
    Again, the better C64 Saver circuits actually include that protection as an inherent thing. You just need to find the good ones. 😉

  6. For washing keycaps, I find denture cleaning tabs is the easiest method.
    Also, wash them in a washing bag (for women's lingerie…): makes it easier and safer.

  7. "Go faster Stripes" and "Spoiler" on the C64 is a must do. Doubles your Megahertzing.

    I appreciate the humor. Its why I keep watching.

  8. Sooooo much love 🙂 Thank you mate. Great times back in the day. Lovely made video. Enjoyed it. I still have to find my time to get my Amiga back on the road again. Your Amiga Restoration videos are as well very lovely made and well done. Keep these videos coming 🙂

  9. This was – as always – very good and informative video. What bugs the me most (being from central "eastern" Europe) is that during my childhood, we were still a communist country, ripped away from the rest of the western Europe. Therefore, as much as I love these Commodore 64 videos, it bears no memories for me. Most of us had different types of 8bit computers, like Didaktik (which was a ZX Spectrum clone). I was around for model M which was visually already very different from ZX (and when the the rest of the western world was already beginning to rock their x86es), and that model is connected to my childhood memories by a steel chain. Right at the edge of the so-called velvet revolution Skalica made the last and very pointless attempt to move a little closer to its competition attaching a 3.5" drive to model M, which was called Didaktik Compact. They'd call it " a gate to a world of professional computers". If only, if only… It of course never took off. It's pity there's nobody like you doing videos about those forgotten computers. I'd love to restore one, but I can do only "monkey see, monkey do" repairs, 'cause I'm completely incompetent, so no go for me on that 😀

  10. You know when Han Solo gets encased in carbon freeze, yeah? Well this is nothing like that. ;p
    As an aside, one argument against retrobrite (btw the new case seems a good idea) is it affects the provenance/patina. #rbneo

  11. I continue to enjoy this video series, and really like the crossover with Jan Beta. I look forward to more. Oh, and Merry Christmas, by the way! ?

  12. It's funny though. Compared to some U.S. garage sale, Goodwill, or eBay finds, that thing appears almost mint perfect. (No smoke film, barely discolored, no scrapes, no gouges, no soda spills, no build-up of hand oil shmoo, or who knows what?) I'd think the 8-bit Guy would be amazed to find one in that condition. But in this video it's still nowhere near good enough.

  13. Another fantastic vid, can't wait for part 3 I'm toying with buying one of theses or a spectrum what one would you recommend.
    Kind regards Gary

  14. As someone who old enough to remember what beige boxes like the C64 used to look like – beige – I'm suspicious the retro brighting process takes out way too much colour.


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