Cybersecurity expert Bryce Boland explains how the flaws, called Meltdown and Spectre, affect computers and smartphones and what it will take to fix the vulnerabilities.



  1. This is more like a discovery about microprocessors, a never before known fact on chip technology. Why is everyone blaming/hating chip makers like AMD & Intel. If it was not for their bright minds, you wouldn't even be watching this video in your high-end PC or Mobile. ?

  2. This was probably intentionally built into the chips, to allow the U.S and other governments to spy on their own people. Officially it is for counter-terrorism, unofficially it can be used to cyber-terrorize/harass their own citizens, passing them off as mentally ill so as to discredit people who know too much….who may feel like talking about it because they are being victimized by the establishment…..

  3. I’m not stupid, it’s to invade citizens privacy but you try to brainwashed us to believe otherwise

  4. I love how this asshole’s “explanation” included plenty of bullshit & absolutely ZERO Effin details! Worthless modern news.

  5. This is the time for other countries to design their own chips or hardware related. We need hardware security instead just software. Is Bitcoin mining machines secure…machine wise.

  6. I'd be more willing to bet that the New Hardware will be made so that these two spy programs work better than they do now, or that a third spyware program is ready to backdoor the new hardware. We are talking about companies who created this PURPOSELY and now I am supposed to believe they want to stop?!?!?!?!? Sounds like they are just trying to get people to buy new machines with better and more secure backdoors! You know, like your Smart Meter they changed out twice now since launch or your Smart Internet of SPY things in your home. Sorry, all out of trust!


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