Russia halts co-operation with USA in Syria as US downs Syrian (SAA) jet-fighter over ISIS maintain metropolis of Raqqa. Recently US held a lot of assaults towards SAA, as Pentagon claims pro-Asad compelled reached de-confliction zone. Russia describes it as violation of not solely the Syrian sovereignty however the worldwide regulation as effectively. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8f9g

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  1. Fucking hell – Marc Almond's looking rough these days. Glad to see the pint of spunk up his arse doesn't get in the way of his career.

  2. The same bastards are spraying innocent people in the UK with dirty effluent. Masquerading as "civil airlines". POISON. Chemical warfare.

  3. This British guy is a liar a complete liar. "The American forces want to defeat ISIS but They do not want Russians to take credit.." That is a utter lie. American forces are not fighting ISIS. They are using ISIS for regime change as They did use terrorists before for Their advantage.

  4. We've seen all this shit before and Russia has done nothing, unless Russia is ready and willing to down US jets and bomb US ground forces they may as well pack up all their equipment and go back home and leave Syria to the yanks.

  5. Putin is a very intelligent individual and honest. He tried to warn the media how they're harming their own people, by not exposing the truth and how dangerous it was.

    your only as blind as you want to be
    I had hope for Trump and Putin. Time seems to show that America was screwed no matter who was elected. All of this is just my own opinion and I pray for all the nations.
    We are more alike, then different.


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