A new Kickstarter Update is live with the arrival of the super blue blood moon! This month we’re revealing crafting and giving a taste of how it works.

Be sure to check out the whole update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iga/bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night/posts/2101406

And you can still back the game here: https://fulfillment.fangamer.com/kindling/bloodstained

A huge thank you to all our backers and fans, we’re working super hard for you! 🙂



  1. Mr.Igarashi can we have elements effect on weapons while crafting ?

    Iam happy there is crafting in game
    We the real Castlevania and RPG fans like it alot !

  2. Iga, if by any chance you or your group reads this, is it possible to add variance to the crafted items? Like a regular bought/drop high potion gives 100hp but a crafted one would be 70 to 120 hp. Andbof course likewise for weapons. Sorta an incentive to farm but only for people who want to absolutely go crazy.

  3. Sweet crafting system! Can’t wait when this coming out 505 games I checked was supposed be March 2017 I’m wondering in March 28th 2018 that be awesome please let us know I really want play on my pc with my brother and friends too!

  4. That was Kickstarter site so I can preorder this game at Gamestop or psn or steam hopefully but I can wait there many games coming out

  5. I wonder if she will get help since I don't know which game shows her interacting with the other heros from the past…. other than soma who is probably still alive during this time


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