Lordran beckons…

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  1. As a die hard fan of Dark Souls, I actually feel quite conflicted on this release. On one hand I should be ecstatic about this but I have these fears that FromSoftware will do some of the following things…

    1. Rework Poise to work more like Dark Souls 3 as opposed to the passive feel that Dark souls 1 had. (I liked the way it worked in 1)
    2. Make appear too much like Bloodborne and even reusing some of the textures and atmosphere of that game similar to what Dark Souls 3 felt like.
    3. Rework some of the things in the game ( example; Changing Solaire's story slightly to make it appear fresh to original fans, or purposely remove quirks and nods to the original games memes such as removing the Mask of the Father from it just because From doesn't want you to cosplay say Giantdad/ Shiva/ memes the original had created.)

    I have No problem with FromSoftware wanting to balance weapons and armor and changing things that may or may not be improvements towards the original.
    I just fear that this game will give me a feel simular to Dark Souls 3 (Which I think is a damn good game.) As oppsed to the magic I felt in Dark Souls 1.
    Keeping in mind Dark Souls 1 was not my first game, so it couldn't be nostalgia, That would go to Dark Souls 2 (A game I still enjoyed massively despite what most of the fanbase has to say about it.

  2. My hopes for this game
    – Poise and Durability remains relatively untouched from what Dark Souls 1 had. (I would like to have to repair my weapons quite often and have their condition not reset like in DS3
    – Improved ease of use like menus from DS3 and able to use consumables more then once at a time
    – Unfinished areas like Lost Izalith get the time and care that they deserve.
    – Four way rolling gets fixed like in future installments
    – Parrying timings stay the same (This could just be me though, I always felt the parrying in DS1 felt the best (Pressing the button the second before it hits))
    – Bonfires arn't warp-able from the start.
    Will add more as I think about them.

  3. Is it werid that they remastered the second game before the first? But anyway cant wait, really hope they remake the origonal trailer with all the improved stuff in it

  4. Can't decide if better graphics with capturing video (ps4) or take it anywhere but it looks the same (switch) will be the one I get, if switch added trophies then itd be easier to get the ps4 version lol jk.

  5. I read the title as Demon's Souls: Remastered. When I got a few seconds into the video and realised it was a Dark Souls remaster, my thoughts were: "Why?".


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