It’s now the 6th consecutive Friday that Palestinians have come out in force to protest Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. At least 3 protesters have been injured in clashes in Gaza.

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  1. Crime against humanity ..I can see peacefully sitting Palestinians were killied …I can see they were quietly sitting on ground ..

  2. Palestinians are the decedents of Canaanites. Peace will never be achieved with Palestinians ! Their DNA is corrupt, they are the seed of satan ! Muslims are sick satanic animals. Islam is not a Religion but is a cult hiding in this world in order to gain entry to other countries. The Cult teaches hate, domination, deception and pedophilia. Just one way to deal with these low life ignorant assholes, kill them all!

  3. Ya fuckin boobs. Trump causes chaos only to swoop in as the saviour. Divide (put the embassy in Jerusalem) by causing chaos, and then conquer with a solution favouring…GUESS WHO?!?

  4. I hate when journalists stand in the middle of a protest and overreact when some tear gas lands near them. Like no fuck. What do you think the police are going to do with an organized mob increasingly becoming hostile? Your dumbass fault for standing there and now you try to play the victim.

  5. I like how these 'Palestinians' cry about a little sliver of land and yet, Arabs have conquered most of the middle east and north Africa. Any of these other Arab countries willing to take in a few million of these 'Palestinians'? No? Oh, you just have an agenda. Ok.

  6. The Jihad continues… It won't stop until Netanyahu and the zionist likudniks are removed from power and all of us Jews learn to treat the Arabs with respect and dignity, not like worst animals. Trump is racist. But Netanyahu is a bigger racist, and a supremacist, like the talmudic Jews who say that every non-Jewish person was a cockroach. Our common struggle is against this inhumane mentality.

  7. India in jamu kashmir
    Isreal in palasteen
    Two are terriest country
    Plz UNO rezolation about palsteen nd jamu kashmir shame issue.

  8. The Palestinian muslims terrorist get what they deserve . Not a fan of Israel , but they are one and only modern country in whole barbaric middle east . These young Arab terrorist knew nothing but brutality, terror and destruction. No will to study , lern , work or improve own lives , only to kill and destroy. Been there , see by myself . Israel and Palestine is like a Gondor and Mordor in comparison.

  9. They should not be protesting against the us embassy relocation only. They must fight and expell the zionist invaders from all of Palestine. Not with stones, but with guns.

  10. You all should discover cannabis go home play video games.
    Denying history is not good for you,
    denying prophesy will get you eternally condemned.


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