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  1. and here comes Sonic. Plays the newest game currently out, makes a Top 8 at its first tournament and then never touches it again.

  2. Sonic picked like the most technical characters for the game. and of different classes. Beerus is a zoner, Kid Buu is a rush down, and Android 18 is a mix-up heavy character.

  3. So.. i know alot of people have their opinions on auto combos, ill be doing a video on my overall impressions of the game but what i will say is. the auto combo feature does make it easy for complete noobs to stand a against good/ competitive players. i do feel they should fix how auto combos work. me personally i have a solution for that. they shouldnt remove them.. its a good thing for this game, because the auto combo function is a completely different combo in itself compared to L,M,H. However, the execution could be better their for promoting players to actually think more on how to approach their opponent instead of just mashing square…. lol. auto combos for this game works. its just not executed right imo.

  4. 18 is one of my favourite DBZ characters, but she seems underwhelming in this game. I'd love to see a player bring out her full potential to demonstrate whether she's something more than a gimmick.

  5. The only video i have seen that the players don't spam that homing on the opponet move.These matches have neutral game,who would have thought!!


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