Dear Samsung. Let’s chat for a lil bit

Galaxy S8 Impressions: https://youtu.be/Fz-6MdlPY1M

Galaxy S8 first occasion instances: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxy-s8/accessories/

Dear Apple: https://youtu.be/HRgtHE9_3KU

Video Gear I take advantage of: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959





  1. I have been telling everyone, if Samsung uses official AOSP ROMs on their smartphones, it would be awesome to see + the performance would definitely increase

  2. This is the exact reasons why I would never buy a Samsung (and of course touchwiz). But the double apps is even more stupide then touchwiz.

  3. The whole copy thing is no surprise, Samsung might just be the world's biggest photocopier of other peoples work. We saw it when Nokia was king, we so it with Blackberry, we saw them rip off apple designs in both hardware and software, we saw it with Dyson vacuum cleaners, Sony Tvs and the list goes on so nothing new.

    Samsung might be duplicating google software because they plan to leave android and launch their own platform, this is the only reason why I can think of.

  4. So if apple is listening to you, tell them to make a nice phone. Looking at the price tag, all iphones are not worth it.

  5. hey mkbhd, make dear lenevo to, for vibe X3 they earlier said they will update it VOLTE soon but now since the product is out of stock, they say they won't, watch C4eTech video for more information

  6. Samsung company is developing all of their own versions applications, because they are preparing for the time when they are going to have to divorce from Google's services. For various reasons it may happen, but it may not happen, because Google may postpone it for a while if he sees that Samsung users can thrive replacing Google's services with Samsung services.

  7. How come making TouchWiz less cartoon-ish didn't make Request no. 1? i hate samsung phones cause of their weird UI, no matter how sexy the phone's exterior is…


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