First Trailer for Death Wish starring Bruce Willis



  1. I'll put this in the same file as John Wick… The file titled "Movies I Will Pretend That I Have Watched While My Friends Talk About How Cool They Thought The Fighting Scenes Were"

  2. Looks ok, I always had a thing for vigilantes movies, heroes for the real world, no super villeins or super powers, just cleaning the streets of scum. getting justice for those crooks that get off the hook on technicalities.

    real question though, will he kill the giggler? will he?

  3. This videos also number 1 on trending from a different Channel yet this comment section is so much more tailored to just critiques and interesting things about the trailer and not making it political and I'm so happy I have my own political reservations but this movie is not political in anyway it is a remake of a movie that I didn't even knew existed and I was expecting people to point that out but all I see it's just really horrible things coming from the right and the left I saw one comment that said may all liberals be raped and burned in fire and I think that's absolutely horrible to say that about an hundreds of millions of Americans and then leftist comment saying something similar this movie has nothing to do with that and I'm so happy that this comment section hasn't been tainted yet

  4. Hmmm this kind of has a Clint Eastwoody taste with a little bit of Kick Ass, and a smidgen of Taken. I can dig that 😀

  5. The product of a increasingly sick society. The original movies were sick, but when you start making fun of this kind of thing, you have taken it to the next level.

  6. Cleaning up girly wristed obamas streets one multicultural dindu at a time. Suck it cucky libs. Cant do a damn thing to stop it. #MAGA


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