Debra Messing accepts GLAAD’s Excellence in Media Award on the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on May 6. Her speech included a robust name to motion: “I don’t need to cease and I do know you received’t cease, both. Because on the finish of the day, it’s our duty to look out for each other. It’s the American Way. So we RISE!”
Andrew Rannells introduced her with the award as the group gave her a standing ovation.

The Excellence in Media Award is introduced to media professionals who’ve made a major distinction in selling LGTBQ acceptance.

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  1. Lady wtf are you wearing? I'm surprised the gays didn't boo you off the stage for that unsightly fashion choice.

  2. Well there's my day ruined. These Hollywood actors and actresses act like they're such hot shit. You pretend to be something you're not for the living and for some reason that gives you some high moral authority over all the peasants who don't have your dream job.

    Maybe if you stopped worrying so much about 1% of the population having it better than the 99% than maybe something could be done to make actual problems get fixed.

    The amount of ignorance this person throws out of her is fuel for hatred. It's people like her that keep on polarizing the country against one another.

  3. what else is new.

    a HAS BEEN who feels the need to jump on bash Trump bandwagon in order to stay relevant.

    enjoy your 5 minutes of YouTube fame Debra messing.

  4. I think the biggest mistake the media and these celebrities make is thinking that we the people look up to them as some sort of idols when in fact we see them as out of touch people who don't know shit about what goes on in the real world outside their gated communities. One thing these celebs do a lot is the "We have to do something about the guns" after every high profile shooting yet I bet they'd sing a different tune if they had to go live in the worst neighborhoods around the country. "I don't need a gun in my neighborhood so you don't need one in Compton!" lol.

  5. Genderism and feminism destroyed this country from the inside. Those celebrities think they have a privilege to throw anything they think off at us. Yet they are the ones that should shut the fuck up and learn about real life. It's also the fault of republicans that, in the majority, allowed this shit to happen for years now. The civil war is imminent. But you know how it's gonna' look like? I'm going to tell you a secret – the streets will be full of realistic looking dildoes. Why? Because those pathologists think it's somehow okay to make a little girl see a transgender dick inside public or school bathrooms. So I think they won't be afraid of seeing millions of dicks just laying around all of our cities. Or would they? 😉

  6. hahahaha look at all the dislikes and hate comments haha it's so funny when rich Hollywood cunts think they know it all when in reality they are hated with a passion

  7. How about you stand up for women oppressed in the middle east? The women that need to carry permits with them signed by their husbands in order for them to do anything, except choosing their clothes.

  8. The epitome of sjw, 3rd wave feminist, and socially trendy racist cringe given a literal stage to deficate over admist an echo chamber of hive-minded D- list unknowns with trust funds, all of whom truely believe they're saving the world through their acting – between soapbox rants everytime their fellow drones give eachother trinkets of gold.

  9. how liberal is this fking website…..I hope YouTubers all leave and YouTube monitizations all leave, and a new platform comes into society

  10. Ya I feel the need to be lectured to by a room full of rich people giving each other handjobs, I mean awards

  11. This type of shit makes me want to make a new better version of YouTube that doesn't shove liberal bullshit down your throat


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