Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, had extensive contact with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch who was offering access to former British spy and dossier author Christopher Steele. #Tucker

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  1. Mark Warner should be tried for Treason!!!!!! (Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's how stupid Trump haters sound when they say that Trump and his associates should be tried for Treason.)

  2. waiting for the trolls to say that trump is a traitor, even as they are presented with overwhelming evidence that the democrats are still committing a conspiracy to commit treason and a coup.

  3. waiting for the commies to say that trump is a dictator, when it's the commies that want to force commiecare upon us all or face a tax penalty. when it's the commies that will commit a coup to eliminate a democratically elected president and force upon us a NOW globalist like hillary or General Secretary Sanders.

  4. This guy needs to recuse himself from this probe. He clearly was trying to set this meeting up without letting the rest of the Senators on the committee know. You can't make this shit up. Trump is being investigated for possibly working with the Russians without a single iota of evidence. Yet this Senator was trying to work with the Russians, but hey there's no problem with that.

  5. Wow Warner of Virginia a Democrat and Burr Republican where is all this gonna stop? How much more deeper can this go? Burr a chairman has been backstabbing President Trump and all the other ones who had been named? Seems we’re gonna make America great again…..????????

  6. Republicans can't stop making shit up can they?
    Two busts in just one day on Wensday
    First they tried to say that these Texts that were supposed bombshells, supposed proof Obama was in control of the Clintons investigation. The investigation into Clinton ended in early September and the texts were time stamped as late September. Obama was referring to the Russia Investigation not Clinton. But hey not like any of it was dated. Oh Wait it was.

    Second bust. Conservative outlets said they had proof of Quid Pro Quo for Uranium One. DOJ said no that was made up and did not happen.

    When will you guys give up?

  7. Sen. Burr has and always been honorable. He knows those messages will be taken out of context by this bullshit news network.

    Keep doing your work Sen. Burr and the people of NC will vote for you come re-election.

  8. Not Virginia again ! Is this not the same state were mccabes wife ended up with that 700.000 dollar donation and lets not forget
    Terry McAuliffe
    To all the Good People of the Great State of Virginia
    Vote their asses out !!!!!!

  9. a dem sent a message to one of putins spy masters who flipped the republican party into russian agents.
    whats the point?
    putin republicans are american traitors.

  10. Think about what he's saying for a second before you go all Crooked Hillary. They were trying to get an interview to talk about the dossier to further their investigation, they didn't want this getting out because anything Russian looks bad out of context, they disclosed these conversations months ago to the Senate Intelligence Committee on their own, and gave up the texts without a fuss. Not to mention, Fox downplayed Senator Burr's (Republican) knowledge of all this. If anything, Fox should be claiming bi-partisan collusion for me to take them seriously lol.

    To me, they seem to be stretching this one out pretty far to have connections to Hillary Clinton.


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