After the Toronto Raptors’ loss to the Golden State Warriors, DeMar DeRozan says that some of the officiating was “terrible” and it felt like the Raptors were playing 5 on 8.

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  1. the nba is the type of league to fine a player for criticizing the refs them come out and say "yea they missed that call. should've been a foul"

  2. Bitch ass nigga ? act like you had no calls go your way. Raptors had more free throws than Warriors. You give up 81 in first half to the champs don’t cry when u lose ?

  3. That last second out of bounds call should have been Raptors ball. On the play the ref blew the whistle AFTER Curry hit it out of bounds the refs only should have been allowed to review that play. When it went off DeRozan it went back into play then it was knocked out by Curry. If that's allowed then they should have called it out of bounds when Durant tapped it after that jump ball which led to that scramble. Ref was looking right at him. So if they can review something they never blew the whistle on then the refs shouldn't be allowed to go back and review it and it should have stayed Raptors ball that's why the refs awarded the ball to them before going to look at the replay. If thats the case then review every play and every call. Good comeback tho.

  4. Demar, you’re great player. Stop complaining. There were bad calls on both sides. You kicked the ball off of Klay, but the refs decided that it was a shot clock violation. David West got pushed, but the refs didn’t call it and turned to a 3 pointer on the other end. Steve got a tech. You had the opportunity to give your team the lead when the game was 123-122, but you bricked your shot. What else do you want??

  5. Shut the fuck up this bitch ass nigga was getting a lot calls during the same… that’s how they got back in the game this bitch needs to shut up

  6. I find this funny every talking about how bad the refs were this game , but when game 4 of the 2017 finals refs was bad everybody said the warriors fans was using excuses ??

  7. let's just ignore the fact that you were down damn near 30 in the first half.. giving up 81pts. Good luck in the finals.

  8. DeRozan is right these refs are slacking.. but it wasn’t 5 on 8 it was 5 on 5 on 3 Warriors were getting shit calls aswell as the Raptors. Refs need ta sort they shit or else they gonna be shaqtin mvp’s lmao

  9. Just take the L bruh… You played great, your team is good. You will go places, ain't no beating my warriors though


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