Did you know Demi Lovato was a pagent contestant & teen television sensation? Walk down memory lane with Demi as she looks back at hilarious videos from her childhood ahead of the release of her upcoming documentary, Simply Complicated.

#SimplyComplicated is coming to Youtube on October 17th.



  1. Hey Demi Lovato I don’t want to you to change because no matter how you look like now because to me in my eyes you are so you and don’t you change that you because what’s in my heart ❤️ is the real you for what you are and how you are and you mean a lot to me because I want to be jus like you like someone who wants what’s best not jus for yourself and also for your fans because I ❤️ you Demi

  2. But like, I fell in love with Joe Jonas in that moment too. But I fell in love with Nick Jonas more so, lol. And, yet, somehow, I still have yet to date him. lol!

  3. How many times do I have to hit "not interested" bf these garbage videos stop showing up on my feed?  Get you shit together youtube

  4. She is so beautiful! Her smile is so infectious n her laugh is contagious! I love this woman inside n out!!!! N very excited wats to come for her n thnk her for sharing her intimate story bout her life!!!


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