This video is about Designing For Low volume Manufacturing:using Vacuum forming and laser cutting.
It shows how I approach designing and manufacturing for low volume production.

I use Vacuum forming for the main parts of the color panels that I am making and then the laser cutter to cut out all the parts. I then hand assemble the parts in to the final product. I even cover how the parts get shipped in the shipping boxes with bags.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks. It is very useful for newbies to get a sense of what kinds of shop equipment to have "in-house" and what type of operations to "outsource"

  2. Why went holes only on the edge, not on all part surface?Wouldn't it be more precise this way?Also, I bet this machined alu cost like few hundreds euro, for hundreds parts can you get away with hard wood or POM?

  3. A faster way to make the hangers. Use a 90 degree V cutter to make pairs of parallel grooves across the plastic sheet. Laser cut the hanger parts across the lines. Build a folding jig to set the parts on, blow on the parts with a heat gun then push down into the jig with a tool shaped to fit into the keyhole slot. Squirt a little solvent along the inside of the folded corners. Faster to produce and stronger since they're one piece. Making 400 would be worth the bother to design and build the tools to fold them.

  4. As you were using solvent to bond the pieces together, is that acrylic? I have some polycarbonate I need to bond, I wonder if you have any experience with that material?


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