I’d bring up positives in my analysis if there were any. Follow me on https://www.twitch.tv/slayerage if you’d like, I stream all the time.

Comment if you’d like a video like this about pvp, which is also unfortunately only negative. I’m gonna make positive videos some day guys, I promise.



  1. Great points as always Slayer. I would say PvP was hurt significantly by the weapon systems change:
    – No more shotgun fights or sniper duels
    – Far less opportunities to make clutch plays like 1v3, take out an enemy super, etc.
    – Inability for truly diverse playstyles and exciting loadouts

    There is no question in my mind that the two-primary system is a mistake for Destiny and I hope it eventually changes, whether in this game or the next.

  2. I think the solution in D2 would be to move HROF snipers and low impact shotguns/fusions to the energy slot along side the current energy weapons while keeping the High impact snipers shotguns and fusions in the power slot.
    So you could double up on almost any weapon type you preferred. And have true variety in personal loadout.

  3. This video makes me sad. I watched gameplay of a game i put hundreds of hours into. I eventually grew tired and bored of all the D1 content because i had everything i wanted and had repeated all of the content countless times. Looking back i wish i had cherished what we had in D1 in its hay day because all i want is for D2 to disappear and for the D1 content to keep rolling out.

  4. Yes the games balanced but at what cost ? Having no fun or excitement when playing ? Fuck that I rather play a broken D1 as long as I'm having fun.. u want balance u can play halo and overwatch..

  5. It took you this long to post something like this. I played the beta for 10 minutes and realized how much the weapon system sucked. I cancelled my pre-order. Complained about it on reddit, and was downvoted into oblivion.

  6. Make a lot of good points and I agree. Destiny one I would get on just to shoot shit with icebreaker and gjallorhorn just cuz it felt fucking awesome. I hardly play d2 anymore, all of the guns suck my loadout for everything is two auto rifles and sins of the past it’s fucking boring. Like the vigilance wing is probably the coolest gun IMO but I’m just gonna use an auto rifle for staggering and stacks in the raid. I don’t think I’ve ever used a shotgun either they are useless compared to rockets, I like the darci for spider tanks but rockets are still better so it’s like why waste the time

  7. As a 1%er I have to agree. Part of the core fun in D1 was feeling powerful. Even at 305 in D2 I just feel less weak. Not even close to powerful. I miss the old weapon system so freaking much. Why the eff did you fix something that wasn't broken to begin with? Why? Only logical answer I can surmise is the illusion of balance between PvE and PvP. Which literally breaks the game. It will be near impossible to fix this at this point. It's fundamentally different than D1 in the way it is designed. And you're 100% correct that just throwing in powerful suckass and power weapons would literally break the game and be the only weapon(s) people would use. Maybe there is a fix. I just can't see it and am seriously discouraged.

  8. 1. Decrease the time to kill to help reduce the high incidence of team shot, which is one of the reasons why pvp is so monotonous, and at the time of the powerful ammunition only a player of the team can catch up doing " "between the team itself this is certainly a mistake.
    2. Have 6×6 in the crucible or more (you can yes BF and other games are there to confirm) having the variety of modes that the game deserves (fight, fissure, doubles, etc.).
    3. Have 3 classes of weapons as in Destiny 1 to give greater variety and style in the gameplay and not only 2 as in Destiny 2 and it goes without saying that kinetic and energetic are 2 different classes that are not mainly in pvp are the same types of weapons and same amount of damage (speaking of pvp).
    4. Exclusive loots for robberies and dusk with unique perks and exotic items with perks that are really exotic (Peacemakers with mechanical holster is a joke) and make prestige actives where the only benefit is an aura?
    5. The "novelties" shown in Destiny 2 as the adventures, lost zones, and sellers on each planet become unusable so quickly should not happen

  9. what, no mention of how the 2 "suck ass" weapons do different damages to different shield types? or that kinetic seem to do more damage in general to un-shielded and de-shielded enemies (could be wrong on that) thats like, literally the whole point of those 2 different weapon types dude! seems a bit disingenuous to completely ignore that though i do agree with the problem of too many weapon types in the power category. i would love to have shotguns, blades and maybe the single shot grenade launcher available in kinetic/energy varieties.

  10. I wish I could give you two thumbs up! Someone forward this to Bungie, even though changes of the weapon system wont happen in Destiny 2 lifetime.

  11. Slayerage my man I’ve been soloing raids since VoG and I’m sad to say. Destiny is dead and it will NEVER return to it former glory and it was made abundantly clear that we the hardcore player that crave great loot, great game mechanics along with a deep story and full depth game are not who bungie cares about in the latest podcast bungie made it clear we are not the target audience. They don’t not care about us and never will. Personal I’m calling it quits. 3 years of my favorite game with a grimmore of 5500+ I’m done. I will not be sending a dime bungie’s way until these changes are made.

    Throw out the token system
    Strike specific loot
    A real quest page
    Real quests (eg Bohleen Gemini, sleeper sim)
    Exotic quests which are hard (eg chaperone)
    Real exotics
    White whale weapons (eg mythocast)
    Raid perks on raid gear
    The grind (eg strike keys, treasure keys)
    Hidden bounties (eg thorn)
    Hidden quests (eg kastavo)
    Hidden missions (eg Black spindle)
    Grimmore (in-Game)
    Dead ghost (collectibles)
    Way more Game achievements
    3v3 6v6 pvp
    Real PvP game types with a selection process
    Ranked play
    Mystery and wonder back to destiny
    This is just what we expected from D2 not to say anything about what we hoped for.
    Things like:
    New subclasses
    Flying our ships
    New exciting vehicles
    New weapon types(ones that are useful)

    So that being said I’ll never be playing destiny again.

  12. Great vid, my thoughts where quite simmilar when the pre release streams were coming out showing off whats diffrent in destiny 2. Liked and subscribed

  13. destiny was made and marketed as a pve game so why the fuck they keep nerfing shit to cater to pvp players? the pvp isnt that great to begin with i mean the whole excuse why they have supers in pvp is they are 'game changers' well if they were 'games changers' then why is it the people who are ahead get them? maybe cus they arent game changers at all but a snowball mechanic to make pvp games faster so people have less time to realize pvp is shit

    hell they could just make a equipment restriction in pvp and leave pve alone


  15. it was hilarious how they hyped the weapon system prior to launch…"want 2 hand cannons? now you can!"…nope, I want my sniper and rockets at the same time please

  16. I still spit in the face of the weapon system…screw you bungie, I'm still using snipers and shottys even though you took them away!!!

  17. Well said dude. I couldn’t agree more. I quit d2 three weeks after launch because PvP sucked ass because it was bland and repetitive


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