Overwatch’s Lunar New Year celebration returns February 8! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he talks about what to expect from this year’s festivities—including a new Capture the Flag competitive mode, new Capture the Flag map, over 50 new seasonal items, and more.

0:27 – Jeff breaks down the new map Ayutthaya
1:17 – Updates to Capture the Flag explained
2:46 – Competitive Capture the Flag explained
3:34 – Jeff shares details on the new Lunar New Year skins

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  1. I don’t even play Mercy anymore. She used to be my most played hero but not she’s my least. Her ultimate sucks now like it takes like 2 seconds to Rez while I scoop in from the sky to revive someone. During those 2 seconds I die immediately. It’s way too slow. She kinda sucks now 🙁

  2. I thought in one part of the video he said that the new hero has cool highlight intros, or it might be lunar new year exclusive intros for existing heroes.

  3. Hey jeff wtf you gonna do with mercy its your bad think you cant nerf mercy like this you gonna lose a LOT of players your nerfs its so big


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