John is again with the longest, most detailed Digital Foundry Retro but – a deep dive evaluation into considered one of Hideo Kojima’s most completed, but controversial titles.

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  1. Never played a MGS game before but will definitely play this one on the PS2 to see what it's about.

    PS: I'd love to see Gran Turismo 4 and Tekken 5 in a future episode.

  2. MGS 3 no doubt the best in the series BUT MGS 1998 is a master class itself! So a nice DF retro episode can be made as 'Twin Snakes' also came out for Gamecube and can be played on the Dolphin Emulator. I think John Linneman should have done MGS first instead of MGS 2 that would have been even better!

  3. Please, please, please cover the Panzer Dragoon series! I'd be happy with a breakdown of Panzer Dragoon Saga. The games are great but a bit overlooked since they were Saturn exclusives. If Panzer Dragoon Saga wasn't so expensive, I'm sure most people wouldn't know about it.

    Great video as always! Love this series!

  4. What generation to look at next? Well, if your keeping it retro, xbox/ps2/GC is the limit. Starting about 2020 you can probably start doing 360/ps3/etc games.

  5. How about a comparison between the most impressive xbox 360 and ps3 games. Which console was really the more powerful?

  6. Huh…what a coincidence…I'm playing through the MGS games right now…for the first time anyways…I know I should have played it years ago, but never had the time to do it up until now….now I will finally get to experience the legendary MGS4 that I've been hearing so much about….


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