Though dim sum has its roots in historic China, the meal has turn out to be an inextricable half of life in NYC. In order to assist Sean Evans navigate the delicacies’s distinctive customs and courtesies, Strictly Dumpling’s Mike Chen determined to arrange a crash-course at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the oldest dim sum store in Chinatown. From correct tea etiquette to technique for attacking a plate of hen ft, YouTube’s globetrotting gourmand breaks down the dim sum dos and dont’s for dumpling fanatics in all places.

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  1. Mike Chen is a great host and seems like a genuinely good dude. I'd love to see him take down a plate of wings with Sean on Hot Ones.

  2. so this is how mikey is when he's not familiar with you. his solo video shots, you really get to know his goofy, hungry self. i could tell that mike was not really all that impressed with that spot

  3. He's got a dumpling channel? Damn I watch him on beyond science. Might go watch him eat dumplings soon…..

    God what has my life come to…watching people eat dumplings at 2am…smh. I don't even like dumplings.

    Say dumpling enough and the word starts to freak you out.



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