The fallout over highly disparaging remarks Donald Trump reportedly made about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries is continuing to grow. During a rant in the Oval Office, the president allegedly branded them second-rate countries. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8wql

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  1. Wow saying shit hole makes the shit hit the fan for years Arabs won't let any fellow Muslim immigrants in because they know there are jihadist among them now that Trump is doing the same thing he is a racist Islam is not a race a ex Muslim brotherhood guy said that they have planted their jihadist in places of power like politicians lawyers police doctors and army the mayor of London is Muslim British people who tell the truth about Islam are arrested people in the American army are being coned by the Muslims in the army Malcolm X was converted to Islam in prison what about Dearborn and all those other Muslim only training camps in America etc

  2. It's ironic that the Clinton Foundation benefited the most from the $3 billion donated to rebuild Haiti. Less than 10% was actually spent on fixing critical infrastructure whereas Bill Clinton was put in charge of the rebuilding program and used his position to benefit Clinton Foundation donors. Hillary should just keep her mouth shut about Haiti the evil bitch.

  3. If my President did say it then good on him. I say phuck those TURD WORLD COUNTRIES! I vote pull all USA aide from them and from the U.N. as well then lets hear them whine moan and groan! ?… MAGA 2020!!!!

  4. El Salvador – The Saviour. A country named after Our Lord, Jesus Christ. And Trump calls it a shithole. That's blasphemy.

  5. More fake news !!! Trump never said it. But if you want to talk about how Cornelius Vanderbilt exploited poor Irish, Chinese and black workers to build his railroads so his great great grandson could live in a 50 million dollar home and play at being a journalist…..

  6. Sh!+…… Ask Hillary and Bill what happened with the donated $$$ for Haiti and where they went to? And then shake their hand of that Haiti $$$ fundings. ?
    I don't agree with Trump's decision of words. But they're true and countries need to step up. Make their country for their own children and own people to have a more better living. Instead of sacrificing their lives just to get to European countries.


  8. RT not you too fake news I would come here 4 News that was real news now I got to find someone else unbelievable CNN RT BBC MSNBC ABC CBS fake news everywhere now you Hippocrates

  9. europe should let all the african slaves into their countries.
    Haitians should go to France since it was the french who brought this disgusting slaves to the American continent.

  10. RT is starting to disappoint me.
    First point: these are alleged comments and not confirmed. The president denied making those statements so why wasn't this covered?
    Second point: we all know CNN has been known for making false reports so why should we trust what they say in the first place?
    Third point: you show a tweet from Hillary Clinton, who by the way, after the quake took millions from the country through the Clinton foundation of donated money!

    RT used to be my trusted source, but I think I need to search for another….

  11. why would he say such a thing
    in the company of his very worst enemies .. ?!?
    … soo they can endlessly spin "more" fake news
    with a denial & no proof !
    mean while , California is burning & they can't read the signs !

  12. Fact: Haiti is indeed a SHIT HOLE of a country.

    Fact: The worst 50 countries in the world (in terms of GDP per capita) are ALL "non-white" SHIT HOLES, where the average GDP per capita is less than $5000. And yes… many of those countries are in Africa.

    Fact: There are some government officials in African nations that don't even believe HIV causes AIDS (the recently ousted Mugabe was one of them). 40% of Sub-Saharan Africa STILL does NOT have running water. 60% of Sub-Saharan Africa STILL does NOT have electricity. Polio is STILL a problem in Africa. Africa has a REAL "rape culture", with actually slavery to boot.

    If you are offended by the TRUTH, then the problem is with you… NOT with facts.

    BTW: If liberals continue to claim that African nations are NOT shit holes, then why do they demand that we give those countries FOREIGN AID??? Why does the IMF continue to give those countries billions of dollars to sustain themselves?


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