According to several reports, President Trump has made vulgar remarks about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries during DACA discussions, calling them “shithole countries” and objecting to immigrants coming from there.

President Trump has denied the use of abusive terms, saying that the language he used was “tough”.

But Democratic Senator Dick Durban who was in the meeting with Trump has said the comments were made.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberley Halkett reports from Washington DC, US.

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  1. Up to now, countries supporting Trump: Israel, Russia.

    Against Trump: Rest of the World.

    Conclusion: 5+ billion people can't be wrong. haha

  2. Mannnn this is all just propagandas against trump. Not saying I like him but ion believe nor trust the media. They know what they're doing. And besides although I am a Haitian American but I have to admit Trump has a rational point when it comes to immigrants

  3. He didn't apologize because basically the strategy is to always attack instead of trying to defend. If your defending yourself then you must have done something wrong and you look weak. If you attack, then somebody else must be in the wrong and you look strong. Now, go and do likewise my fellow youtubers.

  4. They don't argue that the countries AREN'T shitholes, they don't argue that the US has a right to decide who they take in IF anyone at all, noooooooo the language triggered a few snowflakes!


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