Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the North Korean regime “will be utterly destroyed,” speaking at a meeting of the body in New York, Wednesday.

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  1. America would love to create another Libya. We came we saw he died. Another failed state where isis can thrive. Closer to Russia and China.

  2. The United States is the one that wants War not North Korea God forbid North Korea wants to defend itself against a psychotic Rogue State like the United States.

  3. 1950 Korean War when the US committed war crimes on North Korea. The US bombing Dams, Hospitals and basically flatten all essential infrastructure. North Korea said they would stop the testing as long as the US, South Korea and whoever else is around stop playing war games on the Korean peninsular.
    With Trump promoting a America first agenda why should anyone help this Warmongering nation. It will be catastrophic if the US does attack North Korea. Trump has tweeted himself into this and if he attacks I believe most of the world will turn on America. I dread the global carnage if these fools start something as it will be apocalyptic.

  4. Fucking hate this lying bitch… If war comes, send this bitch in first.

    She has been lying her ass off for years and yet no one dares to stand up to her cause she represents US.

  5. Who the fuck are you (USA) to decide who will be destroyed or not. Your not god so you can’t make that decision. Go and try to destroy North Korea. They’re not some Taliban living in a cave. They might have weapons from the 60s but a fucking 120mm cannon is still a 120mm canon. And they have thousands of those

  6. Ain't nobody wants war but Trump and all his deplorable racist minion. China is probably laughing and calling her a female dog for telling them to stop selling oil to anyone. If the American president weren't a racist, pussy grabbing pedaphile on his own daughter, American would've handle the situation differently that by now N.K Kim would've behave

  7. the people of DPRK will not be free until they have gay discos, sodomy, pornography, on demand abortions, no fault divorces and a central bank!

  8. How the hell can you people defend north korea sure i understand not wanting war i get that but after all the bs that kims done to he's own people f him man.

  9. I don’t want to hear any other countries complaining when shit hits the fan when they could’ve stepped up to put pressure on NPRK. Obviously North Korea has always been unhinged and its a matter of time for them to finally launch there misses unless they are toppled and collapse and the only way for this to happen is for every nation to drop the hammer on them. if your not part of the solution than your part of the problem.

  10. There will be no war, no military aggression, because Rocket Man isn't as stupid as seen! He (or his think tank + backers) is just using POTUS talk to take more control of his people! Meantime POTUS enjoys diversion of media attention from real issues!

  11. Ms. Halley you are aware that your position in this event, is contrary to the LORD, and His Word ? Placing yourself in a very precarious position, exposed to other principles of correction from the Divine One. Romans 12:20 – here it instructs the Christian for conduct becoming before the Most High God. It states nothing about destroying one's enemy; 13:10 – Here God through His spokes- person instructs His Christian children of a higher moral ground, that "works no* harm to its neighbor." Add Romans 2:11 to it./ Matthew 5:44,45 Here Jesus the Son of God details what Christians are to do with enemies : *Love your *enemies….so that one may be a child of the Father; Matthew 7:12 – whatever you wish others to do to you, do so likewise unto them. Do you want Mr.Un to harm you ? As we recall their position originally is one of a defensive posture, in the event that they would receive an aggressive illegal intrusion by any outside entity. The above Holy Scriptures are to be adhered to by any, and all who profess to be Christian. Otherwise ones profession is false before the Holy Father; …a "tare". Subjecting oneself to the wrath of God.

  12. This, woman is a bitch with no experience other than eing a zionist pig as is donald trump. Thry are billionaire mafia and no one should trust him or CONGRESS. THEY REPLACED CLINTON WITH GHIS BITCH AND TRUMP. THIS WAS FIXED A LONG TIME AGO. THERE WILL BE RNOUGH TO HANG TRUMP AND HIS GANG OF MOSSAD AGENTS.

  13. Trump is john mccain and clinton all rolled into one. Trump using domestic policy to hide the fact that hr is a ZIONIST THROUGH AND THROUGH AND THAT THE U.S. IS OWNED BY ISRAEL ZIONISTS AND ZIONIST CORPORATIONS. YBE WRITING IS ON YBE WALL. HE AND MANY WILL FALL ALONG WITH THRIR ZIONIST FAMILIES.


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