Beerus is here to eat & fight. And we’re all out of food…Get ready, BEERUS HAS JOINED THE FIGHT! Will you be able to keep up or perish under his pawesome power?

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  1. True arc system didn't say they're not gonna put them in but I can guarantee they're not. One because the game is clearly focused on super characters, two no one wants or cares for characters from a non canon version of the Dragon ball series other than you lot. It's pretty simple it's not going to happen, go cry to your body pillow, don't buy the game and move on. Simple.

  2. Can you guys fix the matchmaking because in the beta it sucks, I’ve only found 1 match in an hour and 30 minutes, please fix other than that great game

  3. I wanna see jiren, broly, Bardock, cooler, bergamo with his brothers, mr satan, master roshi, super janemba, and pikkon in the game. The game should have a big roster if its just based on fighting

  4. No idea where to put this… But just keep this in mind, as an Australian. 1; I speak English. 2; Regionally, I'm closer to Asia than the Americas or Europe, so please put an English language option on your Asian servers…. Fuck…. Or just don't consider Australians as people, either way I guess works…. But I don't want to have to play with the lag I get in the U.S servers (which is still slightly better than Europe).

    Way to fuck a whole nation mate.


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