Will you keep your composure in the fight as SSGSS Goku or will you go all out and fight on instinct against him? DragonBallFighterZ launches January 26th, 2018! Pre-order: https://bandainam.co/DBFZ

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  1. I wish we would have got normal goku and vegeta and you can choose which form you wanted before a fight or during a fight and that would have saved 2 spots for different characters like Raditz or Android 19

  2. Why are we STILL saying SSGSS? Somebody at Namco needs to figure their shit out. You mean to tell me Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is a better title than Super Saiyan Blue ? Am I missing something?

  3. For the love of all things holy, stop calling it SSGSS. It looks embarrassing and you should feel embarrassed. It's Super Saiyan Blue. Deal with it.

  4. I'm unable to enjoy half the combat animation beauty because of those huge irritating yellow sparks I wish they provide an option to turn them off! It takes me off from the original anime feel which this game is supposed to give.


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