Captain Ginyu is ready to switch bodies with the rest of the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster! Will he be in your team? Out 26th January 2018 on PS4, XB1 and PC!

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  1. Very boring shit game. Don't waste your money on this. They're charging 60 bucks for a few characters in a dumbed down blaz blue clone and over half the full roster will be dlc.

  2. I'm liking this concept of putting multiple characters as apart of one character's combo sequences. It definitely shows ASW's depth to the characters and getting the bang for their buck in terms of appearances and uniqueness of the fighters

  3. Ginyu seems overloaded, mama mia. So happy and proud to see this. Bandai released it on a Monday, a day which is exhausting, and did it first in Europe, which i almost never see.. They are ALOT of ous in Europe and Asia, and i think we should get nice time zone releases. Appreciate this after coming from a long day from school. Cant wait for more gameplay and implementations come to the game! Go Bandai Namco and Arc System! 😀

  4. Okay but I need confirmation on this: Will body change allow you to have two of the same character on your team? I need to know!

  5. ..Man, there's gonna be all these Ginyu players, spamming tht ult, LOL. Should be interesting I welcome the challenge. Lol, I'd be soo mad to see anyone lose tht way in a official tournament.

  6. This game (and bandai) is trying to cheat us with his shameful DLC. I'm gonna buy the game when ultimate edition or goty appears.

  7. I’m sorry guys…I know my one single opinion doesn’t matter and the game is amazing and still looks great with every character but I’ve been disappointed and let down with the last few reveals…I’m ok with Tien but just ok…and nappa, yamcha, and ginyu just don’t seem like people I will use even once…unless I went in training mode and still prolly won’t like em. Everyone before the last 4 reveals are great. Where is broly…?


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