Frieza is in Dragon Ball FighterZ! Out February 2018 on PS4, XB1 and Steam. Did you handle to get within the closed beta taking place this weekend?

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  1. Ojala tenga doblaje latino este juego, porque la neta Gerardo Reyero es la principal razon por la que aprecio a Frieza.
    Dragon Ball es de esos programas que mejoran bastante por el doblaje latino, ya que el gringo y japones estan algo mediocres.

  2. anyone got the beta?
    cuz i didn't get one

    f***ing ridiculous, so you preorder the game to get early access to the beta?
    so now we are helping them test the game while we pay for it!???

  3. Bandai Namco Entertainment America what are the odds of us seeing the gods of destruction in the game and if you are going to study for the less fans will be happy to see Goke and Vegeta in the Super Sayajin 4 transform or you will kill the most beautiful transformation of them

  4. there was a glimps of hope
    But seeing as how the 3ds somewhat version of it was only jap dubbed and how far dragon ball super is at this point
    English dub fans will just have to deal with this


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