Tien can obtain 100% damage through Sparking Blast. Making him a highly dangerous Anchor for any team.

The videos have been doing their rounds on Twitter, but for those on YouTube, here is a detailed explanation of how to achieve this kind of damage using the dash/jump cancel ability off of Ki Blasts.

Combo was originally posted by MothTier on Twitter over at: https://twitter.com/MothTier/status/957432954430500864

Intro/Outro created by Pixelflare Studios: https://twitter.com/pixelflaregfx

Intro/Outro Music created by Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike

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  1. Hey guys just so I’m clear on what I saw, at 1:40, you forced Android 16 back into play with a grab? I haven’t seen much footage of the game so forgive me if it’s obvious.

  2. Very cool, but you will not get that in a match. I don't see players get level 7 often. Maybe against the online casual, you will dominate them with this.

  3. For those who don't know and want to cry "broken," Tien takes damage when he does his supers. It doesn't show in training mode but in a real match he would loose close to 65ish percent for doing that combo.

  4. Cool but the chance of this happening in a real match is almost non-existent. No one is going to sit on sparking AND 7 meters to make this happen.

  5. Come on man, numpad notation isn't hard and you're just encouraging people to not use it by not using it yourself. It makes saying and spelling out combos much easier in anime games and its a universal language that doesn't require you to know English to understand.

  6. Turn on game inputs. How are you good enough to figure this out but not showing the controller input. There's an option in the settings..

  7. I don’t see how people can pull these combos out during a match. I completely forget all the inputs cause I’m just focused on just wining match. Is it just supposed to come you via muscle memory?

  8. Can you do video on the combat system on this game and explain how to double jump during combos the timing is very weird

  9. On anime fighting game notation, with directions for those new to it:Directions:7 8 94 5 61 2 3Legend:DR = RB/R1/L+MSD = H(x2)/RT/R2/S+Hdash = 66IAD = 956jc. = 9/85M > jc.L > j.S > dash, j.M > j.H |> 2L > 5L(x2) > 5M > 2M > 5S > jc.IAD, j.L > j.M |> j.L(x2) > j.2H, SD, j.L(x2) > j.2H > jc.L(x3) > 214[DR].Replace dash, j.M > j.H with j.L against some big characters like Nappa, this one is universal for everyone except Goku Black. Against Goku Black you can't do the first segment (everything before the first landing).Midscreen jump cancel the first part with 8 instead of 9.

  10. Level 3 sparking, and basically need a tien would a good amount of health, very situational, its like a one time only combo, but it would be super hype to see it done it a real match.

  11. Big props to you for trying to explain it live, that Insta-Air Dash is a bitch to execute…after the M,2M,S

    Any tips to make it easier? as far as timing goes? or just practice?

  12. I feel like Tien is, in effect, Assassin Anchor.

    He's there for the sole purpose of securing the last kill and minimizing comebacks. It'd kind of true to his background as well if you think about it as he was trained to BE an assassin.

    Also makes sense for his level 3 eating health because even a small combo from a previous character or even from Tien himself means a max hits level 3 is pretty guaranteed to kill.


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