Commanders, we know you’ve been excitedly waiting for news about the Q1 Beyond update and we’re pleased to announce that the Open PC Beta for Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One will launch 25 Jan 2018! Find out more here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/399392-Elite-Dangerous-Beyond-Chapter-One-Beta-Announcement?p=6289277#post6289277

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  1. Sees the chieftan ship :weary: , start flying to obsidian orbital to do palin missions to get credits for the chieftan and then sees obsidian orbital attacked from thargoids :deadinside:

  2. looks like it might be a pretty solid beta if they are skipping closed and going straight to open, it will give us more cmdrs to test with!

  3. A new ship? – improvements to 'core' mechanics? Is that it? And a 26 second announcement featuring a pic of a ship. What a bloody bunch of useless bores you are over at Elite Dangerous.

  4. The Chieftain looks fucking sweet! Now I have to hope it's not like many other nice looking ships and comes with a broken FSD, ha ha

  5. Well done guys. Its looking great. Planets look amazing. All the best for 2018. You guys hold the license for the best space game out there. Lets knock it out the park.

  6. Honestly, that spinning Thargoid ship looks like to barnacle sites….as if the barnacle sites are actually the TOP of the thargoid ship and the rest of the ship is buried beneath the soil. It looks just like it.

  7. I hate the fanbase of every game. So bitchy. Elite Dangerous is fun as hell, and I've been playing obsessively since beta.
    Maybe they should give VR a go, it certainly makes this game 100x more amazing

  8. Nice but I would like to see that if I trance port people to a lower system, that the population would grow so we can populate space,
    Or A Power play goal a version for building a station in an orbit or planet
    Or if you do not want to power play you can join a faction with no leader and some lesser benefits like small extra rep or Cr
    an extra tab for the bookmarked system on the Target Panel [1]
    an extra tab for power-play markers on the Target panel [1]
    a refresh button for the mission panel in the stations
    being able to plot more routes in a defriend color in the Galaxy map for traders
    Being able to plot a route that stays plot after jumping it !
    so i do not need to make auto buttons like Auto docking (1ee s qq1) this is auto docking request if mapped to a G button makes it already easier
    it would be so much better for VR the extra tabs
    opening the maps al the time is a bit game lore killing it is more plotting then flying cant take the time to plot first and finish it all

  9. Aside from a new planet shader (which looks slightly better than original Horizons planets), I don't see much to get excited about :/

    More uninteresting Thargoid CGs and a ship that will look 90% the same as everything else inside? Skip.

  10. Why is everybody acting like a tool? The game is still a mile wide and an inch deep in terms of gameplay, not to mention the shallow repetitive CGs we keep getting (the best one we ever had was that war with feds vs rebels and it was amazing, yet never again anything like it), so how about some healthy cynicism?

    Like, it looks really nice and all, but will there be exciting and engaging new gameplay opportunities for us to explore? The game looks captivating, the gameplay is not after the newbie-phase, which is a shame because I'd love to play it more.

    I'd jump right back into the game if we could fight the Thargoids at stations.

  11. Shut yo' mouth! What? I'm jus' talkin' 'bout the Chieftain… Shaping up to be an awesome ship that might just contend with my Vulture explorer ship. 🙂

  12. The CFT is not the one they show first this one is alot smaller sad the first one was beefy this one is smoked out…for shame y'all try to push this little ice cream truck on us…SMH and y'all know I'm right…


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