Emma Thompson says Harvey Weinstein is representative of a system of “extreme masculinity” involving “many” more men in Hollywood.

The actress says she was previously unaware of allegations of sexual harassment which have since emerged against the film producer.

Weinstein has “unequivocally denied” any allegations of non-consensual sex.

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  1. This Weinstein guy was obviously a sexual predator but equating his behaviour to "extreme masculinity" is a mistake. His behaviour is not an expression of masculinity, its an expression of a morally bankruptcy.

    The problem is he got away with being immoral.

    And how did she manage to crowbar race into it?!

  2. Right now…. this minute….. many many so called stars know details of other people who ‘cross the line’. And they are STILL saying nothing in case it affects their MONEY AND FAME!
    This is what you look up to, Hollywood stinks!

  3. Why is there a photo of Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson laughing and joking with Harvey at the Golden Globes afterparty in 2014? They all knew and still took the money! Disgraceful!

  4. Wienstein is not only a sex pest, he’s a thief and con man, he stole scripts and carried out illegal deals to line his own pockets etc. 
    The best thing America can do with this man is to vote him in as President…

  5. She hit the nail on the head! There just isnt enouph woman! India has 55 million men who cant find a wife! What a mess!

  6. Can anyone smell a rat here,
    These women wouldn't be coming forward doing a character assassination on someone
    with the power Weinstein has unless they'd been given a complete green light to do so

  7. Annnnnnd they have to mention Trump in all this… Shut the fuck up Thompson. You, just like the rest of the 'victims' in this, don't give a fuck about moral. You were (and are) still happy taking your bloated pay cheques knowing full well what was/is going on. It's the kids being abused that I feel so bad for.


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