This video isn’t sponsored. These are all the foods I genuinely love, recommend, and plan to eat while in Shanghai for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

Molly, my nutritionist and dietitian is the best at explaining the science behind the nutrition in these snacks. Enjoy!

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Instant Oatmeal w Flax: https://thrivemarket.com/natures-path-organic-oatmeal-flax-plus

Topbits: http://www.topbitfoods.com/

Justin’s Almond Butter: https://thrivemarket.com/justins-maple-almond-butter-squeeze-packs

Artisana Walnut and Cashew Butter: https://thrivemarket.com/artisana-almond-butter-squeeze-packs

Detox Tea: https://thrivemarket.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=detox+tea

Smooth Move Tea: https://thrivemarket.com/traditional-medicinals-organic-smooth-move-tea

GG’s Crackers: https://www.amazon.com/GG-Scandinavian-Crispbread-3-5-Ounce-Packages/dp/B003G1ZRTY/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1510780320&sr=8-1&keywords=fiber+rich+crackers

Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate: https://thrivemarket.com/hu-salty-chocolate-bar

RX Bars: https://www.rxbar.com/

Super Greens Powder: https://jet.com/product/Amazing-Grass-Greens-and-Adaptogens-Powder-Beauty-Elixir-10-Ct/3f4e1bf3b35343beaa52c73c0447967b

Life’s Abundance Vegan Protein:

eBoost: https://thrivemarket.com/eboost-pink-lemonade-energy-powder

Mary’s Gone Crackers: https://thrivemarket.com/marys-gone-crackers-organic-super-seed-crackers

Brad’s Kale Chips: https://jet.com/product/Brads-Raw-Chips-Kale-3-Ounce/d6a2063fb0b446a98a24ae84c02d2dd1

Molly’s Energy Bites: https://www.mollys-best.com/blog/protein-packed-energy-bites

Moon Juice Probiotics: https://moonjuice.com/products/probiotics

Mookie Cookie: https://www.elixirmre.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=1005

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  1. un site de Femme, Emma CakeCup disait en vidéo que les Filles ne sont pas les mêmes. Karlie Kloss est belle elle a de la classe très posée sait rire en Marathon, Je comprends l'importance d'un défilé de mode de victoria's Secret. par beaucoup de détail la nourriture la gymnastique corporelle les vêtements l'organisation le public, la scène ce quelque chose qu'y s'y produit chez les Femmes qui ne s'explique pas, finalement sans le traducteur a l'écran je regardais leur visage.

  2. this is great but the use of the word 'clean' is very outdated in the nutrition world and yet they are using it over and over again

  3. Haha like you eat anything also you forgot about your cocaine and cigarettes because you need to stay awake when you have anoraxia

  4. I really don't like it when people use the word "clean" when describing what they deem to be healthy foods. As a dietician, this woman should know that this word can be a trigger for eating disorders. The word "real" is also very vague and rather a fad-word than actually descriptive. In her case, I would not have recommended things like raw nuts can be hard to digest and block certain nutrients from being absorbed.

  5. I hope after a day or two, Karlie can show us a few vloogs, like them models running around like crazy preparing for the walk…love your food info……yummy.

  6. I am super pumped for the Show! Would you happen to have any advice for someone who wishes to start modeling? I honestly have no clue where to start
    XoXo Victoria Elizabeth

  7. Thats alot to force puke be careful you can't be a prostitute on a full stomach gotta please those old men who run your soul to drug addictions.

  8. I love your content so much!! I love the fact that someone as famous as you has a youtube chanel, you are the best!!!


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