Everybody’s Golf is a brand new recreation for PS4! Anybody can play golf with principally solely three button clicks. Now you possibly can expertise golf with quite a lot of character customizations, fishing, and karting throughout the programs. You can develop your abilities with the problem mode and compete with different gamers globally via the net mode.

Enjoy golf your approach!

© 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Everybody’s Golf is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.



  1. Maybe they're gonna pull a Resident Evil/Biohazard thing and just switch to the Japanese title. It's been 6 years since there was a HSG game, so maybe they're figuring it's a good time to change the name. Also, July is Everybody's Golf's 20th anniversary, so…that also might be the reason for the title syncing.

  2. Is it like MMOish for its online? Hopefully main gameplay is as great as past entries. Not sure if day one buy but ill get it to have fun with friends.

  3. How is this 'Everyone's Golf' if only the super wealthy can play golf in such incredible and unique ways, while only we can just simulate it for $40? lol

  4. I missed playing Hot Shot Golf 3 on my PS2 and literally sucking at the game. Golf never interested me and I to this day still wondered why I thought it was a good idea to buy it, but the nostalgia is still very strong and the music in this trailer just makes me feel nice inside for some reason. Just might buy this game just for the nostalgia…


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