India Today brings together former Judges and Jurists to discuss on what is the way forward for Supreme Court after the Judges Mutiny.

In an unprecedented move, 4 sitting judges of Supreme Court, Justice Chelameshwar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Madan Lokur and Justice Kurien Joseph have gone on public complaining against the CJI, Dipak Misra. The immediate trigger for the revolt by senior judges was the assignment of the important cases to other judges, including that of a petition seeking a probe into Loya’s death. The judges said that the democracy is at stake as things are not in order when it comes to the administration of the Supreme Court. The judges said they have written a letter on the matter, but failed to persuade him. Accusing the CJI of misusing powers, the judges stated that independence of the Judiciary is a must and their concerns are not being addressed. They also added that Supreme Court must be preserved in order to save democracy.
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  1. Judges (and especially SC judges) should be IMPARTIAL and not have emotions and pain and this and that…meeting with a left leader make your impartiality vanishes whatever you may say. If the CJI did not listen to you, then you should have approached the guarantor of your constitution (the PRESIDENT of the Republic)with your concerns and not go out in a press conference, by this behavior you have violated the codes and ethics of the judiciary and lowered yourselves in the eyes of the public. PLEASE RESIGN sine die!!! … YOU ARE NO LONGER THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SUPREME LADY JUSTICE (with a blindfold, a balance, and a sword)…

  2. How come India today picked up panelists only in favour of 4 judges… While whole other judiciary experts and judges are against 4 judges…… That happens only when ppl kind of rajdeep sardesai joins the channel…

  3. By rebelling, you have open the way to anarchy and now maybe children will have no hesitancy in rebelling against their parents, employees against their employers, players against referees, and youngsters against the police and the society, all this because you just wanted to obey your mentors (political parties because they had named you to your positions), and will the public believe in your judgments now??? 4 judges…PLEASE RESIGN and SAVE the judiciary and wish you well in your new political endeavours !!!

  4. The difference of opinion between judges can be resolved, because they are highly educated. How can anyone resolve the real problem creaters, many of them are illiterates, criminal people, called politicians?

  5. Indians wake up before its too late..before our country is totally captured by murderers and RSS thugs. Everything the liberals said before 2014 is coming true , first the RBI , then election commission and now the SC. One by one all our institutions are being hijacked by corrupt fanatics.


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