In this unique interview, Ben Hanson from Game Informer interviews Pokémon sequence producer, director, and composer Junichi Masuda and the director of Pokémon Sun and Moon Shigeru Ohmori about why the Pokémon RPGs want a narrative and whether or not the workforce would ever make a sport as open as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.



  1. I don't see the series making strides once the two are directors honestly. Masuda is sturborn as hell and makes backwards decisons with his dumb idealist nonsense. Shigeru is basically a younger version of him.

  2. This all sounds so disssapointing, you guys should have poited out ni no kuni to them, hopefully we can get somebody else to interview them and actually p,ant seeds what they should do, instead of what they wanna do. The zelda question was great tho

  3. My favorite games in the Pokémon series are the ones with more story focus like BW/SM. However the ones I replay the most are RBY/SGC (mostly their remakes) in those versions every play through feels new compared to the more story based entries that feel like if you beat them once there is no reason to replay them.

  4. I think this video is very interesting because it shows how, above everything, making games is a creative and artistic endeavor. The reason GF doesn't always keep certain mechanics is because they always want to try new things. They didn't needed to put so much focus on SM's story, but they did because it was something they wanted to do, and it seems it was something they enjoyed doing. I feel like people often forget that content creators aren't there to please us, rather, they present us with their work and we choose to support it with our money

    So basically, if they don't want to make a open-world game please respect their option. They can make an amazing game regardless

  5. Do you think it'd be fitting for players to express themselves through choice of exploring a vast open world and catch the pokemon inhabiting it?
    "No, we don't know what players would do in the open world with pokemon inhabiting it."


  6. I know that expectations for an hd pokemon game are high as hell, but I don't see this guys doing something nearly as fresh for the series as BotW did for Zelda. They seem to be quite confortable doing "smaller" portable games , so jumping to a HD console could be really rough.

    I mean , the process of creating BotW was not "we are out of ideas , so we are just doing an open world" , it was taking what made the series fun and unique in the first place , getting rid of stuff that was making the series fall in stagnation , and building new stuff to make the franchise evolve. Since exploration and discovery is the key element of Zelda , making it an open world was a reasonable decision. On the other hand, as they say in the interview , Pokemon is about the bonds you form with them. Surely there are a lot of people that feel like the "gotta catch 'em all" suits better with the brand , but I think that it makes the pokemon look like collectables rather than creatures, they are supposed to be special after all.

    This is me trying not to get too hyped for the game , let's see how much it lasts.

  7. Anyway, story in Gen 8 should be deep, emotional, unpredictable and with pathos. And with atmosphere in style of Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

  8. I think right now they don't have the budget to make the game open world AND as good as breath of the wild. It would just end up being unfinished in many areas. However if it was possible I would be okay with it. No idea why people are hating those who want open world pokemon, because that sounds awesome if done right. I think people are scared of the open world being just like any other open world game which may ruin the game, which is an okay assumption, but you have to admit if an open world pokemon is done right it'll be much better than linear games from before. If that's not possible I'll be okay with a linear game, but linear games can also be bad. So you guys should keep that in mind too.

  9. Pokémon should take notes from Xenoblade on how to handle the world. Big chunks or Zones that can contain routes, towns, or even caves. Tho I hope they can remove a lot of loading wait times.

  10. at the end i was waiting for them to say they're remaking pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time….


  11. I love that mix between English questions and them answering with English subtitles without a voice over!
    It's much more "personal" if you know what I mean.

  12. i am interested to see how they'll make open world collectathon dressed up as an rpg game . 🙂
    call me wrong but pokemon is collectathon dressed up as an rpg.

  13. it would be a funny scenario if they did make an open world pokemon game at the cost of changing the current gameplay into more action based instead of turn base and see the rampaging veteran player attacking them on how they just give a middle finger to the veteran player whom pour their heart and soul into the turn base gameplay.

  14. Well all I hope for the next story of Pokémon is that I hope that it's waayyy better then X and Y( because X and Y's story was just crap and that it could've been more better if it wasn't rushed and there was more buildup.) but to me just as good as Sun and Moon(since Sun/Moon's story was not rushed and and it felt like I was taking an adventure instead of being given a tour( like in X and Y).

  15. How if you can challenge any gyms in region I love how you can skip verdian city gym in Kanto region but that doesn't mean story needs to sacrifice they can cover story from outside of gyms

  16. The only openworld game I can think of is a kid starting in the "newest" current region then sailing(or flying) to each region one by one to get all badges and defeat all E4. That is probably the biggest game style I can think of. unless they make the forest and caves bigger inbetween areas so it actually feels like a forest and cave. Then it'll feel a little bit bigger.

    Otherwise they'd probably just stick with the original gamestyle. I mean Sun and Moon had a great story felt like I was playing a character that was a part of a pokemon anime. So if they enrich the game with more story but obviously not too much text because some people dont even read, then the game can only get better from there. Plus it would be nice to play the same person over and over again so we can feel an attachment to that person and meet people who already knew us from previous regions. Like if we play some new gen 8 game Lillie wont know who the hell we are if we bump into her. If we played the same kid from Pallet Town we may or may not have bumped into someone we knew. Idk.


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