Explosm Presents: Channelate Shorts!
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Our pals Ryan and Chase, who’ve been part of C&H shorts and the present since time started, began making their very own Channelate shorts that C&H is happy to indicate you! More animation, woo!

Want the complete story? Check out our announcement about Channelate & Minis right here:
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  1. So is the takehome message that being unemployed for long stretches at a time is akin to having a terminal illness whereby you lose any meaningful connection to society, focusing more on your immediate existential crisis? Yet at the same time, regular people with jobs have a constipation problem?

    I like it.

  2. I honestly don't get it – why is it a horrible thing to say? After all, being a fourth-grader with a terminal illness is pretty bad.

  3. Is that a double leap year? It goes from Thursday the 29, to Sunday the 30th….
    That is honestly how my weekends feel….

  4. I can relate to this so much! I am unemployed, too! 😀

    Today's plan:
    Apply for a job – DONE
    Take out the trash – DONE
    Do the laundry – IN PROGRESS
    Read Undertale fanfiction – DONE
    Watch YouTube – IN PROGRESS
    Masturbate – NOT STARTED
    Check trade requests on Steam – NOT STARTED

    Oh, well. I would rather be unemployed than be a terminally ill fourth-grader!

    (Make an inappropriate joke on YouTube comments – DONE)

  5. Previously:
    Timmy: being a terminally ill 4th grader sucks more than anything else, uncle roger.
    Uncle roger: well I guess that it's worse than having no job
    Que creation of a motif


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