CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated in a statement that the change toward more personal content is meant to ensure that people’s time on Facebook is well spent.



  1. It's time for Zucker to get Goolgled! Please get on an airplane to Gitmo….. and sheeple wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As an Artist I put my art on FB to share with family and friends. I never made a single sale off of FB and that was never what I intended to do. Well, late last year they deleted my account and told me that I would have to make a business account and now they are doing this which is why I had a FB account in the first place. Which does me no good now that I was forced into a business account. This is why I mostly use Twitter and Instagram now! I hate FB!

  3. I ask you to consider a civil suit. Liberal social network Facebook, sexually pursues obsession with their obsessional advertising groups of a sexual nature. I think this is insulting and unacceptable

  4. If you have Facebook, your Mark zuckerburgs bitch!!!!
    He's a globalist controlling what you feel and how you feel. Not to mention the spying going on!!!!!


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