S7 Fnatic Analyst: Wolle

Micro analysis on the first three minion waves that got Faker a +45cs minionlead at 10min.

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  1. Nice Video and the sound was fine, but please either speak german next video or try to get rid of your accent, it is reaaaally annoying not gonna lie

  2. Good video.

    I would add the regular speed version of the clip at the end. The slow and pause is great for explaining, and it really shows how much crazier that scene was than I thought. But seeing it in fullspeed really focuses on his skill to do ALL of that in a real game.

  3. People in the comments are probably watching on a calculator that has some volume restricted speakers if they are actually too stupid to turn it up for 2 minutes in order to understand what he's saying instead of wasting 30 seconds of their life to type comments that are complaining about the volume being too low.

  4. knowage for the game doesnt make u cheating 😉 every one can make it if its in game 🙂 not fakers prob 🙂 as dota can deny minions in lol u can find a way to do that 😉 ITS NOT CHEATING its knowing how to play the game !

  5. The first one seems to be a bug, but I don't think the minion zoning is. It's quite smart actually and every champ should be able to do that. In the end, a skillfull players knows how to manipulate minions and this is just a new tool players coold use.

  6. wooo that's actually a bug that makes cassio win every 1v1 at lvl 1 not only spammable e but also auto w/o getting punished by minions? lul


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