Family says in assertion launched by hospital that American school scholar held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months has died



  1. His parents should have stopped him.
    It's utter stupidity to go to NK especially when you're an American.
    Still NK proves to be fucking retarded for killing a young boy for a poster.

  2. Why was he in North Korea in the first place. Although I feel sorry for his family. I don't think it was very smart to go their. I think any American that goes to a country like north Korea Iran China ECT. goes at their own peril. They should not expect the country to be responsible for their return. When the person puts themselves in danger by going to such countries.

  3. So . So Tragic.. This poor kid was Tortured.. Mistreated.. and did not receive medical attention..F♤CK NK and their PUDGY RULER..

  4. He looked like he was stroking out when he was leaving the courtroom after sentencing. That's really upsetting

  5. I know his family is thankful that he was in their arms and their care when he passed my prayers go out to the family!

  6. daamn you go to north korea being american? You gotta love the dangerous life.

    Just miles down you have south korea wich is 100% allied with you but instead of going there you turn to that
    crazy mad country.Very savage

  7. Hahahaha.. They better put his pale caucasoid body in isolation. The North Koreans may have put some kind of biological contagion in him, just in case he met with stupid Drumpf.

  8. terrible. but when you leave this country to visit another you also leave behind your rights and then fall under the laws of that country.

  9. Not being insensitive but keeping it real. You took your ASS over to a country where you know they are crazy & hate Americans, then you STEAL THEIR STUFF? TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSOBLITY… How many people in America are FALSELY locked up and die in our prisons and nobody gives a hoot! Parents should have raised him to know better!!!!

  10. The clock is ticking North Korea it's only a matter of time before that shitehole that you call a country will be wiped off the face of the earth and your fate will be sealed for good.


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