A group of protesters backing Brexit and the US president disrupt a speech by the mayor of London to the Fabian Society in the centre of the capital. The address on gender equality was suspended for several minutes on Saturday while a small number of people from a far-right group made their protest. Audience members began to heckle and slow-clap, and the protesters were escorted from the venue soon afterwards
• Sadiq Khan speech disrupted by Brexit and Trump supporters
View the video at https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2018/jan/13/donald-trump-supporters-disrupt-speech-by-sadiq-khan-video



  1. The idiots had the American flag the wrong way round. What a fair thing to do, shout someone down so they can't make a point, racists are dumb.

  2. Far right because you want your vote on the EU to be heard and counted for instead of the backpedaling we are seeing from the government

  3. I'm all about independence of the UK from the EU. That's why I'm holding up the flag of the US, the wrong way around. They are most definitely stable geniuses.

  4. There will be more and more haters as time goes on as population crests and resources diminish. That’s just the unfortunate reality.

  5. Stupidity has reached a critical mass worldwide. Village idiots thinking of themselves as geniuses. – well done Khan, keeping calm and relaxed.

  6. president Donald trump is half British he as a right to come to Britain America is our closet and longest ally The pm invited the president to Britain khan is only a mayor He should not have any say in which heads of states can come our country undermining the pm he should be made to stand down

  7. Kahn you piece of garbage where were you and the muslims when the great powers battled Germany !
    Hitler would done away with you barbarians!

  8. These are not far right. These are way stupid. Holding their flag the wrong way around. I guess thats why they usually have their Confederate flag. There is doesn't matter how dumb you are, it's always right around.

  9. Sadiq Khan is the Mayor of London, it is not the job of the Mayor of London to dictate who comes to this country on state visits.  He uses his position as Mayor to wage a personal vendetta against the President of the United States.  This is shameful, he should resign or be removed from office.

  10. Fight for your country , stand up to these govt clowns who want to ruin your country making it a third world Sh!t Hole eventually

  11. Does Sadiq Kant not realise the amount of investment the US supplies to the UK and in particular the city he is responsible for ? A lot of people here rely on that sort of investment coming from the States so these left wing idiots who hate all what America stand for could well be shooting themselves in the foot. Perhaps Khant could shoot himself a bit higher than his foot. One can only live in hope

  12. Who is far right? Please stop this rubbish! You are truly mad men in charge of a newspaper! Give me one example of a far right person at this speech?

  13. Sadiq Khan – I can see how divisive you are on twitter – encouraging hatred between women and men and progressives and populists. you never stop.

  14. Trump is one of the best men in the world today. Wish I lived in America where the people in power do something about what's going on instead of covering it up trumps the man top one mr trump

  15. Do you have to be bald and overweight to join the far right? Do you need to own more than two outdated football tops to?


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