FBI Director James Comey testifies earlier than the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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FBI Director James Comey Says He ‘Never’ Leaked Information On Donald Trump Or Hilary Clinton | TIME



  1. I cant wait until the investigation into Trump is finished so they can share it with the public. The same investigation Jeff Sessions and Devin Nunez had to recuse themselves from. I am also glad that we forced Michael Flynn to step down. We are making progress.

  2. Hillary Clinton said she "never" deleted emails and that she "never" send or received classified information and that was a lie so if were going to hold comey to that standard lets hold her as well

  3. Comey is probably as non partisan and Honest as you can get in DC politics. He's doing his job and for those that think this is cut and dry, it's not. They're still investigating "weinergate" and lots of info connected to how his computer was hacked into and info planted is being revealed. The truth will come out but until then we have to wait. This isn't a slipshod smear hearing that Gowdy tried with Hillary where they found no evidence to convict her on, there will be real indictments coming with the end of this.


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