Watch Artem Lobov defeat Chris Avila when the 2 met at UFC 202 in 2016. Lobov takes on Cub Swanson in the principle occasion of Fight Night Nashville on April 22.



  1. so how the fuck does he get to share a octagon with Cub. Lol UFC IS WWE. BS. This kinda shit is a insult to cub. He deserves a top 3.

  2. Only thing that sucks for Artem is his short ass arms. If he had a longer reach it would be easier for to land his power shots. Plus this Avila kid doesn't have much experience. Easy W for Artem

  3. That russian fool,he is like hyena picking 1 bite at a time,booring fool… he is there only for Connor and his team. he should pay Connor 50% manager 30% and he should get for his shitty fighting 20% – tax :PPP

  4. Why do they give us the names of the bimbos??
    Nobody cares what their names are.. except for some weirdo stalkers, maybe.

  5. Artem is stiff as hell ,but I will put my money on him.. Cub is a huge favorite but I have a strange felling that T-rex arms is going to win..

  6. Is it just me who thinks Artem Lobov looked extremely unimpressive in this fight? Like this seriously isn't a win to brag about. Cub swanson is gonna swiftly derail this hype train


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