Due to launch day server points, situations are presently not functioning correctly within the new enlargement. As a end result, gamers are lining up at a quest marker ready for the chance to enter an occasion.



  1. Yea, that crap didn't work in Lamia. It's 5am est 6-17-17 now and that quest still doesnt work. No one is attempting a line anymore.

  2. I hope it's this organised here on Tonberry. Not there ATM, would have to renew my account and buy the expansion, but it's be nice to know it's not a clusterfuck for my old guild and friends.

  3. This is beautiful, its extremely uncommon for people to organize in such a way especially on an mmo. Even in real life some people mess it up lol The online FF community is fantastic :')

  4. Wtf, I see myself… at 0:22 I'm the Miqo'te monk with light brown next to the red carbuncle, I'm wearing the sky rat set of striking…


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