This video is about building a foam core Spray Booth with 1/2″ foam board. I built this Spray booth for under $200.
I use a 146 CFM fan like this one you can get it on Amazon here

You can buy a filter in any big box retailer or hardware store.

I got my foam core from my local Blick art supply store

White elmers glue here https://goo.gl/bYNjFi

I modify plans form www.vent-works.com

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  1. Most Excellent job Eric. I love the fact that you used foam board. Making the same from MDF would have made this thing bulky to move around. Keep 'em coming.

  2. This rocks – would be good for a lot of different fume collectors (soldering, bonding etc.). One thing I'd add would be a suction gauge (search "Air Cleaner Filter Gauge") between the filter and fan so you can tell when the filter is plugged up and needs replacement ( less than $20 on Amazon).


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